School is (almost) out for winter break and we can’t wait to spend some quality time with our kids. Here are some great winter break activities and ways to have fun with your whole family while the kids are home from school.

Go to the library
Take a trip to your local library and spend a leisurely afternoon browsing the shelves, reading stories to one another, and picking up some winter-themed books to take home. Lots of local libraries also run free activities for kids like LEGO builds, story time, and arts and crafts. Take a look at your local library’s event calendar, or give them a phone call to find out what activities they offer.

Have some indoor winter fun
We like to spend some time indoors with our kiddos this time of year too, especially if it’s particularly yucky out. Build an awesome blanket fort, and have a puzzle building, board game playing marathon. Read books, tell stories, snuggle, watch a movie, it’s a great way to unwind after the hectic days of Christmas.

Look at lights
Twinkly, sparkly lights bring smiles to faces young and old this time of year. Hop in your car or take a walk around your neighbourhood to take in the sparkles.

Take a class or a workshop
It’s a good idea to keep the learning going, even when the kiddos are out of school. We like to look for classes and workshops we can participate in too, like building a fairy garden (check your local garden centre), or an art class that lets parents participate. Try a cooking class, or take a look at your community centre’s classes – there may be a great parent-kid yoga class or fun dance class you can take together. Family Zumba, anyone?

Create your own wreath
Kids love scavenging and we love an activity that gets everyone outdoors. Load up on evergreens, holly, and trimmings to make a wreath. You can pick up a form at Michaels and be creative with by using fake or dried flowers, feathers, and dried fruit (try dried orange slices!). Making the wreath with these types of craft supplies means you can leave it hanging on your door well beyond Christmas Day. Take a look at this how-to video from Garden Answer.

Write a holiday story and illustrate it
Tap into your child’s imagination and have them think of a holiday or winter adventure where they have the starring role. Help them with story structure and creating pages, then leave them to illustrate. This activity can be broken down into a few days for story writing, pictures and construction so you won’t have to come up with new crafts each day.

‘Fancy’ New Year’s Party
If you’re like us, the elegance of New Year’s has been dialed down since having kids. Bring it back and plan a ‘fancy’ celebration with your family. Dress in your finest clothes and make cocktails and mocktails with inventive names, served in pretty glasses. Eat dinner by candlelight, on your best plates, and serve a fancy dessert like chocolate mousse. Before bedtime, everyone can light a sparkler to celebrate 2019. The kids will love being involved in the planning and being treated like a grown-up.

Head to the movies
We love that there’s a whole bunch of new movie releases this time of year! There are a ton of great family-oriented ones, from a Wreck It Ralph sequel to Elliot, the tale of the littlest reindeer. Check out our new release round-up!

Try an at-home science experiment
For more indoor fun, try a science experiment or two. Make elephant toothpaste, watch a rainbow walk, or grow your own crystals. Take a look at our round-up of six awesome home science experiments for kids.

Go on a winter scavenger hunt
When everyone is going bananas indoors (it’s bound to happen), bundle up and head outside for a winter-themed scavenger hunt. Make up your own list or print one out from Pinterest. We love this Listen, See, and Smell scavenger hunt from CBC.

What’s your favourite winter break activity? Let us know in the comments below.

We wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

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