Holiday PJs are a super-popular holiday tradition, no matter what festive occasion you celebrate. We love the idea of having the whole fam decked out in coordinating gear but having to actually find them is a whole other story (and sorry, but Santa ain’t got time to help you out)!

Luckily for us, Canada’s own Jammin’ Jammies has been owning the holiday “jama” game for some time now. Their extremely cozy, flame-resistant fleece PJs are perfect for keeping warm and available for the whole family (furry family members included)!

The elves at Jammin’ Jammies sent us some matching family onesies to test out and it definitely felt like Christmas morning when we saw the giant reindeer-covered box on our doorstep!

We were excited to have received the “Merry Litmas” onesies, covered in a bright Christmas light pattern. We were also surprised (relieved, really) to see that they came with matching non-slip socks; we go to at least one Christmas party in matching onesies every year and one of the most frustrating things was trying to fit our feet into our shoes while wearing a onesie with attached feet. It’s impossible and super-uncomfortable, so kudos to Jammin’ Jammies for that small (but extremely helpful) detail. The “Get Your Snuggle On” tag sewn into the PJs were also a really cute reminder to keep your family cuddled close during the holidays.

After the kids zipped themselves into the PJs (which were super easy for them to dress into themselves), we decided to head out in our Jammin’ Jammies to mark the first day of December and get us in the holiday mood, which included photos with the big man himself. Needless to say, while everyone else was dressed in their fancy frocks, we were proudly suited up in our holiday best!

With cheekily-named themes including, “Oh Deer”, “Merry Litmas”, “Santa’s Sleigh Squad” and “Let’s Hibernate,” even the most Grinch-iest of the bunch won’t be able to resist the assortment of festively funny styles.

Whether you’re starting a new holiday habit, or keeping the festive sleepwear tradition alive, make sure to have Jammin’ Jammies at the top of your Christmas shopping list!