We like to think of Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to share the love, and we think the best way to do that is to make something from the heart with our kids. We are no strangers to the fun of crafting; we’ve shared lots of DIY’s, like these fun button flowers, so we thought we’d round up a few of our favourite ideas for Valentine’s Day crafting fun:

Li’l Love Monsters

valentine's day crafts for kids
photo credit: eighteen25.com

Tiny, woolly bundles of monster love. What’s not awesome about that? These ones are very straight forward for any age (perhaps leave the cutting of the yarn to an adult for the two year olds?)

Love Tree

valentine's day crafts for kids
photo credit: krokotak.com

We’re suckers for any craft that involves tracing our kids hands. It just reminds us how little they once were when we look back at them the year before. And with little hearts as the leaves of the tree? Adorable. Any age (again, leave the cutting to the adults for the really little ones).

Crayon Art Valentines

valentines day crafts for kids

Any craft that uses up crayon bits is good in our book. This craft is simple but needs to be done with supervision due to the use of an iron. Best for ages 4 and up.

Love Owls

valentine's day crafts for kids
photo credit: happyclippings.com

We have a surfeit of toilet paper rolls in our house because they are just so darned useful for crafting, so we were naturally attracted to this craft using one of our favourite materials. This one is a bit more advanced with all the shaping and cutting, so best for five and up.

Send a Hug

valentines day crafts for kids
photo credit: pagingsupermom.com

This is the perfect craft/card to send to far away relatives. Imagine how delighted they would open up a ‘hug’ from their favourite little one. Good for all ages, but can’t be done alone as someone needs to trace them

Heart Shaped Crayons

valentine's day crafts for kids
photo credit: dagmarbleasdale.com

More using up of those pesky crayon bits. Makes for a great class valentine’s giveaway. Only special equipment needed is silicone heart shaped moulds. Good for all ages (with oven use supervision).

Hearts on a String

valentine's day crafts for kids
photo credit: handsonaswegrow.com

We like to decorate our house with handmade crafts for any occasion. This heart chandelier is perfect to hang in a window, from your own chandelier or perhaps from a really tall relative? Best for 4 and up.

Circle of Love

Photo Wreath – Valentine’s Day Kids Craft

Any craft that encourages us to go through our endless files of pictures and print them off is a good one. As with most of these crafts, perhaps some supervision with the cutting, but a lovely momento of the people you love.

Some Love Over The Rainbow

valentine's day crafts for kids
photo credit: notimeforflashcards.com

We love this simple wall craft. Impactful and a good family activity. And perfect to bring out for Pride week. Good for all ages.

Bold & Bright Pastel and Watercolour Valentine’s

valentinesday craft for kids

Any Valentine that incorporates learning is top notch in our books. This is a fun way to introduce colour concepts based on the colour wheel.

Have fun crafting and creating with your little ones!

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By: Erin Jeffery

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