Top Tips for a Smooth Back to School Transition


The sun is going down a few minutes earlier each day, a cool breeze is blowing in the air and our vacation time is almost up – summer is winding down. It’s time to transition the entire family once again from an unstructured and laid back lifestyle to routine and schedule.

We’ve got a few tips to help you get ready for fall and ready for school:

  • Put away summer clothes, shoes, hats and summer related articles into a box and label them with season and size.
  • Stock the children’s dressers with at least 6-7 pairs of slacks, socks, sweaters and shirts, which ensures less loads of laundry during the week.
  • “Where are your shoes?!” It seems we can never find our little ones’ shoes, so keep an extra pair of running shoes around the house to use for backup!
  • Re-establish solid routines for morning and bedtime. Preschool and school-aged children adjust well to changes when they have time to transition and know what to expect. So, 2 weeks prior to the start of school, start mornings, dinner and bedtimes 10 minutes earlier each day. This will give the little ones plenty of time to get used to the new schedule.
  • Keep fresh fruits, nuts in pre-packaged sandwich bags, granola bars, and water bottles filled with water ready for time limited mornings.
  • Pack the children’s lunches the night before and place the entire bag in the fridge so it’s a quick grab-and-go in the morning.
  • Costco can be our best friend! Fill the pantry and freezer with essential items, such as small servings of humus, pre-cut veggies and fruits, snack size cheeses, individual sized yogurts and juice boxes. Buy case lots of cereal, oatmeal, pasta and pasta sauce, pre-seasoned and portioned chicken breasts and salmon burgers making dinner time convenient and easy (plus this will save you from grocery shopping during the week).
  • Allow children starting a new school to get familiar with the school grounds, the classroom and possibly the teacher before school starts. Encourage discussions about the new school and upcoming activities. Have your little scholars become excited about learning. This will make it easier to get going in the mornings and into bed quicker at night.
  • Get a wall calendar and write down important dates, events, etc. Post it in the kitchen so that everyone can know the family schedule. A lot of activities start up again in September so this is the perfect way to keep track of everything! For the tech-savvy mamas, there are some great online calendars that will do the trick. We really like Cozi.

So soak up the last few days of summer holidays and embrace the seasonal change. We hope these tips make the transition from summer sun to fabulous fall a little smoother.

By: Yasmin Remtulla

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