We like to keep it local when we can, and one of our favourite ways to do that is by supporting independent toy stores in Metro Vancouver. We love the homey, personal touches you find in the nooks and crannies of these stores. Owners and staff who have watched generations of children grow up and start bringing their own kids in. Handpicked, thoughtfully selected merchandise. Kid-centric displays and activities to keep them busy while you browse. These little nuances contribute to an experience that proves toy shopping can be whimsical fun, rather than the headachey mess one might imagine running into when bringing small people with low impulse control into a room filled with all they desire.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite independent toy stores from around Metro Vancouver, so that the next time you have a birthday party to shop for or a kid who just deserves something special, you’ll know exactly where to go to get it done with the greatest of ease. 

Goose and Moose
Goose and Moose is 100% Canadian owned and operated, and 100% online! Rather than having a physical location to browse, they offer the convenience of a wide online inventory, so that you can do your shopping any time of day you please… even in your pajamas with a glass of wine! They offer free shipping on orders over $99.00, or you can opt for the no-charge pick up at their North Vancouver warehouse. gooseandmoose.ca

Granville Island Toy Company
3298 Main Street, Vancouver
11-1496 Cartwright Street, Vancouver
A Vancouver mainstay, Granville Island Toy Company has made its home at the Granville Island Kids’ Market for 30 years now. The flagship store is notable for its popular trendy location and presence inside the lively market, but the Main Street location is definitely worth a visit too: it boasts Vancouver’s only specialty Playmobil shop. toycompany.com

granville island toy store
Image via Granville Island Toy Company Facebook Page

The Village Toy Shop
262 Newport Drive, Port Moody
This cute little shop is jam-packed with hot toys your kids are sure to love, but it’s the staff that really make it special. Calling themselves “toyologists,” employees proudly offer the service of finding the perfect gift for the child receiving it. You can even call them up with details on the child you need to buy for, then swing by to have a gift he or she is sure to love wrapped and waiting for you. villagetoyshop.ca

Toy Traders
19880 Langley Bypass, Langley
This massive pop culture mecca goes beyond toy store and borders on being a toy museum. Vintage and classic toys are available in a special section, and intricate movie props and dioramas decorate every inch of the building. Toy Traders has all you could want to keep your kids happy, but it also features enough cool stuff that it might end up being moms and dads who don’t want to leave. toytraders.ca

toy traders
Image via Toy Traders Facebook Page

Splash Toy Shop
104 – 3580 Moncton Street, Richmond
Nestled in picturesque Steveston, Splash is the perfect place to visit after ice cream on the wharf. With both classic and hot new toys available, and a large selection of wood and pretend play toys, you’re certain to find exactly what you’re looking for and maybe a few things you didn’t even know you needed! splashtoyshop.ca

Dilly Dally Toys and Delights
1161 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Dilly Dally is a family business, run by parents who hand pick products they’d want their own son playing with. They choose toys designed to inspire creativity and prolong the joy of childhood: costumes, pretend play pieces, and a large collection of figurines among others. dillydallykids.ca

dilly dally
Image via Dilly Dally Facebook Page

Kaboodles Toy Store
4 locations- Point Grey Village, Cambie and 18th, Granville Island Kids Market, Downtown Victoria
Kaboodles has grown from a single store in 1980 to a thriving brand with 4 stores open today. All toys they sell have to pass an employee “fun test,” which they delight in performing (What a job)! On top of carrying only the most fun merchandise, Kaboodles makes a real effort to include kids every step of the way, with kid-friendly low cash desks, interactive displays, and even kid-sized washrooms. kaboodlestoystore.com

Did we miss your favourite independent toy store? Let us know in the comments below. We’re always after new shops to visit!

We hope you find this list of Metro Vancouver Independent toy stores handy for your next birthday gift-shopping trip. Speaking of birthday parties, if you’ve got a kiddo with a birthday coming up, we’ve got some great ideas on the perfect place to throw their party:

By: Dayna Wilson

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  1. We moved to Tsawassen last July and have been pleasantly surprised to discover Toys and Tech right on the main drag in Tsawassen town! It’s a great toy store that reminds me a bit of Kaboodles which used to be my go to store when we lived in West Pojnt Grey. The owners and staff are super helpful and knowledgeable and I have been thrilled to discover it and to buy gifts for our newborn grandson as well as our older 5 and 8 year old grandkids!

    They definitely deserve to be on your list of best independent toy stores!!

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