This article comes from guest writer, Carmen. Through her company Wildflower, she offers connection experiences for mothers and daughters designed to explore the beauty of the bond between them. She’s here with a reminder of this amazing bond and that you are exactly the mother that your daughter needs.

Although incredibly rewarding, the relationship between a mother and her daughter can also be laced with monumental pressure and expectation. And it’s no wonder. It’s within this dynamic that we learn how to relate to ourselves and to others. It’s where we develop habits, tendencies, and patterns that end up shaping the women that we become. And it’s where we seek refuge and hope to find our security until we are able to connect to it within ourselves.

The beauty of the bond between a mother and daughter is unlike anything else. It’s our earliest connection and our most influential relationship. The impact of this solid foundation is simply remarkable. It means more confidence, more trust, more love. It also means positive decisions, strong boundaries, and healthy choices. It means the difference between being afraid and knowing that we can, between giving into pressure and standing strong, and between wishing we were someone else and loving ourselves for who we are.

It’s easy to get bogged down with guilt, worry, shame or fear of making a mistake, screwing it all up, or damaging your daughter beyond repair. But believe me when I say that you are exactly the mother that your daughter needs. And what she needs most from you is connection. Read on with tenderness for yourself as you hear the call from your daughter to give her everything she needs.

Dearest Mother,

I see you as the creator of life, the keeper of dreams, and the weaver of magic. I see you as a human first and honour your wants and needs as being just as important as mine. As we walk this road together, I ask that you please guide the way. It’s within you that I learn how to be me.

Teach me to love myself from the unconditional love that you give yourself. Teach me to honour the magnificence that I am by honouring it within yourself. Teach me to put myself first, to make sure that I am taken care of and to recognize self-care as survival, as I watch you lead by example. Teach me to embrace my worth and know my value deep within my heart by knowing the same about yourself.

Teach me kindness in my words and softness in my thoughts by the sweet way in which you speak to yourself. Teach me to choose deep respect and to celebrate the reflection I see in the mirror by loving your own. Teach me to see all that I am, and to let go of all that I am not, by being free yourself. Teach me to look past what society tells me are imperfections to the perfection that is me and the perfection that is you. Teach me that my true beauty radiates from within me by knowing that to be true about yourself too.

Teach me that I have choices by embracing yours and not giving it away to people, circumstances or otherwise. Teach me that there is no wrong choice any more than there is a right one. There is simply power in the ability to choose. Teach me that even when I make a choice, I can always choose again, choose differently, choose me, choose love.

Teach me to trust myself deeply, to believe in the power and wisdom that I hold within myself, by the way you trust in yourself. Teach me to honour my intuition and to mute outside influences that do not serve my highest good by trusting your own decisions. Teach me to walk in alignment with what is true for me by walking in what is true for you. Teach me to listen deeply by hearing the whispers in your own soul.

Teach me to express myself fully and to speak my truth by remembering that your voice matters. Teach me that I deserve to be heard and that I have something to say by expressing yourself openly. Teach me to be open to new perspectives, ideas and ways of being by being open to it yourself. Teach me to also listen to others, and hold space for them, by doing the same for me.

My dear mother, teach me in all the ways that you wish someone had taught you. Teach me alternatives to building a suit of armour to protect myself by walking proud in your own skin. Teach me that it is safe to be seen exactly as I am by showing up with humility in exactly who you are. Teach me that it’s okay to not know, to be afraid and to do it anyways by showing up every day and doing your very best.

Build a deep connection with me and walk this road alongside me. You are exactly the mother that I need. Hold my spirit delicately in both hands and recognize that we are

stronger together.

With love and gratitude,
Your Daughter

About the Author: Carmen offers connection experiences for mothers and daughters designed to explore the beauty of the bond between them by using the power of the relationship to learn about, and connect to, themselves, each other and the world around them.

As a natural born explorer with insatiable curiosity, she’s constantly blown away by the magic and beauty of the world and is wildly passionate about things that spark joy, wonder and connection.

Drawing on her background in social work, yoga and a deep desire to inspire others to honour and celebrate their own depth and potential, she offers retreats, workshops and private sessions cultivating a deep sense of connectedness and bliss. Check out or @wildflowerretreats on Facebook and Instagram for more info.

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