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Super (Natural) Sunscreens

Every year we test and try some safer (ie. less chemical-laden) sunscreens for our kids and ourselves to keep everyone safe(r) while having fun in the sun. This year’s batch features a few old favourites and some new stars. And here’s a handy sunscreen primer from the Environmental Working Group to get you started off on the right – unburned – foot! Note: we know there’s some controversy around using spray sunscreens on kiddos but we’ve included some sprays we like here as they’re relatively “heavy” rather than misty and you can always spray them onto your hands and then apply them to your little ones that way if you’d rather avoid sprays. And we’ve gone a little long here to fit in all the products we’ve been busy testing with this lovely weather!

Things To Do

Top 4 Tips for Planning a Great Family Fun Day at the PNE

Suffice it to say, there isn’t a kid in BC who doesn’t get excited about the Fair at the PNE. When we were little (only a few short years ago really), we remember being positively giddy about the free fair tickets in our report cards at the end of the year. We loved the rides, the animals, the shows, and of course, the mini donuts. Oh the mini donuts. Here are a few tips on making the annual trip to the Fair at the PNE absolutely fabulous.

Things To Do

Farm to Table Adventures at a Local Dairy Farm

While some of us may have grown up on a farm, our urban living kids do not have the hands on opportunities to interact with their food like we did. We plant in our community garden plot and chat with the farmers at the markets, but we wanted to do more. Thankfully, we got to do a tour of an organic farm and yogurt production facility with Olympic Dairy so we could learn more about their 100% natural dairy products, directly from the horse’…cow’s mouth.


Great Ways to Enjoy Yummy Blueberries

It’s that time of year that every Lower Mainlander looks forward to with delight. BC Blueberry season! That time when shelves are full with fresh local berries, farmers markets are bustling and fields are packed with delighted berry lovers filling their baskets with sweet, delicious berries.

Products & Gear

Nature Connection

The summer is a great time to keep kids connected to nature, whether you’re headed to the beach, the lake, the woods, the park or just your backyard, all that outdoor time is awesome! And we’ve found some great toys that are all about encouraging your kids to explore and connect with nature and the environment – but they’ll just think they’re having fun!