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10 Ideas for Outdoor Rainy Day Fun

As Metro Vancouver sees many wet days, consider doing activities with your kiddos that will inspire them to embrace and love the rain. Most kids love spending time outdoors and when it rains, it makes for a perfect opportunity to go on an outdoor rain adventure. Yes, you will get wet and muddy and come home soaked, but don’t let this damper your plans to be outdoors with the kids. Get your rain gear on – the muddy buddies, rain boots and rain jacket and head out to soak up in the rainfall. Here are ten simple and fun ideas of how to turn your rainy day into a fabulous outdoor adventure.


Last Minute Halloween Ideas: Decorations

With Halloween only a few days away and your front door looking decidedly unspooky, it’s time to get your behind in gear! We’ve got 3 really easy, really fast, and really fun Halloween decoration ideas that you can whip up in a jiffy. Your front door will be ready to greet trick-or-treaters in plenty of time.


Last Minute Halloween Ideas: Costumes

With Halloween 4 short days away, the clock is ticking on the time left to pull together a great costume. So here are 4 great last minute Halloween costume ideas for kids or adults that use things you probably have kicking around your house and all can be made in well under 30 minutes.

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Family-Friendly Halloween Recipe: Candy Corn Pizza

Dinner on Halloween night needs to be fast, filling and easy, so maximum trick-or-treating can occur. We love making Candy Corn Pizza! This is the perfect recipe for even the littlest hands to help with, give them the job of sprinkling cheese or spreading sauce. But perhaps have them help before they put on their costumes!

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Family-Friendly Halloween Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Latte Oatmeal

There are few things more cozy and comforting in the fall than a bowl of yummy warm oatmeal. We were inspired by this extra comfy version from our blogger buddy, Shayna at Mommy Outside the Box. Throw all this together the night before Halloween, put it in your slow cooker and wake up in the morning to a delicious and filling breakfast.

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10 Family-Friendly Things to Do in Vancouver on a Rainy Day

Pewter-coloured skies followed by pitter-patter drops of incessant rain characterize much of Vancouver’s weather year-round. And when the rain sets in, it dampers plans to be outdoors with the kiddos. But don’t let the notorious rain ruin your well-intended plans of keeping your children active and stimulated. Given the constant downpour, it’s no surprise that Vancouver has a plethora of fun indoor activities for the family to indulge in. We have compiled a list of the top ten family-friendly indoor activities that will keep the whole family moving and learning – making for a superb rain-day!

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Top Picks for Kids Rain Gear

With Metro Vancouver finally easing the last of the water restrictions that have been in place throughout most of the summer, it’s time to call it: Fall is officially here. Accompanying the falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes is a phenomenon that we Vancouverites are well acquainted with: days and days of torrential rain.