With summer upon us, it’s time to think about camps for our kids.

There’s no better way to keep their minds alert and their skills fresh than learning how to code.

TechUpKids will help your children get excited about learning to code. Not to mention, their programs help kids make the switch from consuming computer programs to creating them. And when you register at TechUpKids, 2 children from same family will get 5% discount in fees for each.

In a fun and enriching environment, summer camps at TechUpKids use experiential learning to develop code and explore kid-friendly programming tools, such as Scratch.

Through hands-on activities and discussion, TechUpKids works individually and as a group to expand and deepen your child’s understanding of programming and use their imagination to create programs.

Their summer classes are interactive and fun. They have been designed to expose the children to concepts of  programming, how instructions flow through a program, understanding the difference between efficient and inefficient code, concept of testing and debugging programs and understanding the importance of a user interface.

Check out TechUpKids’ summer camps in Vancouver that inspire children to build their very own first programs and go on to learning other programming languages.

Please note, Java and Python camps require basic typing skills.

For more information, check out TechUpKids.com and find them on Facebook.

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