What is the first thing you think of when protecting yourself against illness – wash your hands, take your vitamins, build your immunity, exercise, get outside? These are all good things especially in the day we live in today. But what about sleep – does sleep play a factor in helping prevent and fight illnesses?

Of course it does!

Sleep is very important to our bodies and our children’s bodies and it’s something we don’t always talk about or consider but it can be the most valuable thing you can do to stay healthy.

Ample sleep supports your immune system, which reduces the risk of infection, and helps fight off illness when you are beginning to feel run down. On the other hand sleep deprivation or being overtired increases the risk of getting sick.

When you sleep you are giving your body time to process the days information, you give your body’s nervous system time to chill out, you allow your stress hormone (cortisol) to decrease and you give your muscles time to relax.  However most importantly, while you’re sleeping, your immune system releases a type of small protein called cytokines. If you’re sick or injured, these cytokines help your body fight inflammation, infection and trauma. Without enough sleep, your immune system might not be able to function at its best. Sleep is vital for physical and mental health for you and your children.

Happy Snoozing!

Dayna Kanigan
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Stork Sleep Consulting

My name is Dayna and I am a Pediatric Sleep Consultant for Stork Sleep Consulting. I am also a mom to two little boys who once had sleeping troubles as well.

I had no idea how to get my baby to sleep and I went through it all. Crying on the couch from lack of sleep, becoming frustrated with my partner and wondering if this will ever end. I did everything. I listened to everyone’s advice,”He will grow out of it” and ” just hold him he’s not small for long” – when he was 40 lbs it wasn’t cute anymore, I couldn’t carry him around.  I read all the books, I tried all the strategies but there was always a point where I needed help and needed to ask questions and get real life answers! I wanted to know what to do if my child was waking the neighbourhood up at 4am, how can I get him to sleep longer – but I didn’t have the energy to try look it up and sort through the 10 different answers. If I had someone to ask, someone to coach me it would have been life changing!

That’s why I became a sleep coach. To help parents and your families get that rest you deserve! I can help you! Don’t think of me as a sleep expert, think of me as a friend that has been through what you have been through and knows more about sleep than your other friends.