We would like to thank the following companies for their contributions to the development and success of yoyomama:

Berene Campbell of amoeba design

Berene is a Vancouver designer specializing in packaging and logos. She is responsible for the yoyomama logo and the other mamas you’ll find scattered throughout the site. Her clients include: Robeez Footwear, The Cranberry Lady, Safety Girl, and Bug & Pickle. View her work at www.berene.com.

Raised Eyebrow Web Studio

Raised Eyebrow is known for their beautiful, accessible, and user-friendly websites for nonprofits and small businesses. They are a Vancouver-based company specializing in online strategy, design and development. View their work at: www.raisedeyebrow.com


This website was built with WordPress, the fabulous open-source blogging and content management tool. Many thanks to the countless developers who have contributed code and plugins to make WordPress the rich platform it is today.

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