What is RSS?

RSS is a tool that allows our visitors to track news stories and events at www.yoyobelly.ca without needing to visit or search the website. Once you enable yoyobelly’s RSS feed, your web browser or RSS reader will automatically provide you with a list of the latest events, news items, and reviews posted on our site, with links to read the complete item.

How can I access it?

You can access our RSS feed by downloading a type of program called a newsreader that shows a list of the headlines of the most recently published stories on the yoyobelly website. (Or, if you are using Firefox as your web browser, click the orange button to the right of your address bar.)

To add our RSS feed to your newsreader, simply add the link below to your list of news feeds:link to come

Where can I get a newsreader?

For those of you not familiar with RSS, one easy way to get started is to use Firefox as your web browser, as it includes one-click RSS setup by automatically displaying an RSS icon when a website you visit is RSS-enabled. Firefox is a free, high quality internet browser available for Mac, Windows and Linux. For more information, visit https://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ .

There are many freely available newsreaders to choose from, no matter what kind of computer you user. Here is a short list of some of the more popular programs (for a more complete list, please see Wikipedia’s list of news readers):


Macintosh OSX



yoyobelly does not endorse any of these programs. This list provided for informational purposes only.

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