While some of us may have grown up on a farm, our urban living kids do not have the hands on opportunities to interact with their food like we did. We plant in our community garden plot and chat with the farmers at the markets, but we wanted to do more. Thankfully, we got to do a tour of an organic farm and yogurt production facility with Olympic Dairy so we could learn more about their 100% natural dairy products, directly from the horse’s..um…cow’s mouth.

Olympic Dairy is a local dairy manufacturer that makes simple, authentic and 100% natural organic and non-organic dairy products and yogurts. All products are created using milk sourced within 60km of the manufacturing facility and other ingredients sourced as locally as possible. Go local indeed.

We got to meet an organic dairy farmer in Abbotsford, ask questions about how he raises his animals, the difference between organic and traditionally raised dairy animals (and how thorough our BC dairy regulations are) and even feed the baby cows. Squeee! We were very impressed with the conditions these beautiful animals lived in and the genuine love the farmer had for his job.

yogurt smallAfter we left the farm, we got to see yogurt making in action, which is much more exciting than it sounds. Learning about how our kid’s favourite yogurt is made was fabulous because it gave us the opportunity to teach them about the whole yogurt making process from cow to cup. We figure the more our kids know about their food, the more they’ll love it, respect it and appreciate it.

The best thing about our yogurt tour was getting to take home a bag chock full of yogurt products to try at home. We were the most excited about trying kefir, a tangy fermented milk drink filled with probiotic goodness. Our kids loved it as a drink, but we thought it would be even better as the perfect summer heat beater – Orange Kefir Creamsicles! This recipe is super easy to whip up and the kids can help too! They make the perfect healthy summer treat to help the kiddos cool down and get their energy back.

Orange Kefir Creamsicles

Mix ingredients together and pour into popsicle molds and freeze until hardened. The probiotic benefits of the kefir are gradually lost with prolonged freezing, but we’re pretty sure these won’t last too long for that to be much of a worry.

Olympic Dairy www.olympicdairy.com

By: Erin Jeffery 

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