When it comes to books for kids, we can’t help ourselves – we love devouring new reads as much as they do, especially over the summer break. Here are a few newly released books and some that are being released in September from Raincoast Books. Get your hands on these books for fun adventure ideas, sweet stories about mice, dogs, and cake, and a couple of books that make social issues approachable for kids.

everyday adventure bookEveryday Adventures: 50 new ways to experience your hometown | by Lonely Planet – available now
This awesome adventure book takes you and your family through fun and challenging activities that you can do in your hometown — wherever that may be! From cultural odysseys to commute tourism, you’ll see your home in a whole new light. Our 7-year-old loves this book. The adventures are in list-form, so parts are easy enough for him to read on his own. He’s gone through and selected which adventures we simply must try before the summer is over. We love that each adventure comes with a case study of an individual who has tried the adventure as well as a history of the adventure. While not every adventure is kid-friendly (like the pub-crawl or hitchhiking), most are fit for the whole family!


Sterling, Best Dog Ever | by Aidan Cassie – available now
Sterling the pup has always wanted a home, but no home has ever wanted him. So when he found his way into the Gilberts’ home, he was determined to be just the thing they needed. He tried to be a fork, a whisk, a rolling pin, even a lamp, but none of it worked. Maybe, Sterling just needs to be himself? This cute tale will tug on heartstrings as you follow along with a pup that just wants to belong. The kiddos loved all the goofy antics Sterling got up to trying to find his place. A feel-good story for everyone!

citizenWhat Can a Citizen Do? | by Dave Eggers, illustrated by Shawn Harris – available September 11th
This lovely book is moving and empowering. In a world where kids may overhear unpleasant ideas of who belongs, Dave Eggers and Shawn Harris deliver a powerful poem and illustrations all about what it means to be a citizen. The lines, “A citizen’s not what you are – a citizen is what you do. A citizen cannot forget the world is more than you” sum it up nicely.


Claris The Chicest Mouse in Paris | by Megan Hess – available now
Meet Claris, a little mouse with big dreams! Big dreams of going to Paris and becoming a fashion designer, to be exact. When she finally makes her way to fashion-central, she comes nose to nose with a mean cat and her bothersome owner. Read along as Claris overcomes every obstacle in her path with warmth, humour, and of course, style. This is a beautiful book from acclaimed fashion illustrator, Megan Hess. Toss it on your coffee table next to Vogue and Vanity Fair!

neighborGood Morning, Neighbor | by Davide Cali, illustrated by Maria Dek – available September 4th
This sweet little tale starts with an egg and ends with the perfect cake to be shared among friends. Follow along as creatures from the forest hunt down all the ingredients they need to bake the perfect cake. But wait, how many slices should they cut? We love the build-on repetitive nature of this story. It’s reminiscent of Hairy Maclary From Donaldson’s Dairy (a bedtime-story classic in our house). Our 3 year old loves trying to remember the cast of characters in proper order!


Walls | by Brad Holdgrafer, illustrated by Jay Cover – available August 21st
Walls are everywhere; there are walls that keep farm animals from escaping, walls to play racquetball against, and walls to make sure your house stands up. There are also social walls, border walls, political walls, and emotional walls. This book talks about them all in a playful and encouraging story about breaking down barriers and helping children learn about inclusivity, equality, openness, and kindness. Now that’s the sort of thinking that makes the world better.


What’s on your summer reading list?

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