We hate to say it. We hate to even think it. But summer is winding down. In a few short weeks, the kids will be back at school and life will be back to its regular routine. While we are definitely looking forward to the consistency of a well-ironed-out school day routine, we mostly wish summer would go on forever. So in order to make the most of the remaining days of fun and sun we’ve put together a list of things to do around Metro Vancouver to make sure your summer goes out with a bang. There are 14 things on our list, which just happens to be how many days remain before the first day of school, including today! So grab the kids and go have some fun.

1. Go to an outdoor pool: When summer ends so does the opportunity to swim outdoors at a public pool, so go splash around while you still have the chance.

2. Watch the stars: Wait for a clear night, grab some blankets, and find a spot away from bright city lights to show off the beauty of the Milky Way to your kiddos. Bonus points go to anyone who spots a shooting star!

3. Take one last summer family trip: For a getaway that’s not too far away, but has beautiful beaches and tons of family-friendly fun, we always love heading to Harrison Hot Springs for a day or two.

4. Head on a family bike ride: We bet your kiddo has mastered their biking skills this summer, so why not try out some trails? There is a ton of great family-friendly ones that may take you past an ice cream shop or two.

5. Spend the day at the beach: An absolute must for any family in Metro Vancouver is a day at the beach. There are just so many fabulous family-friendly ones that it is hard to choose!

6. Head to The Fair: And we mean “THE” Fair – The Fair at the PNE happens just once a year and it’s happening right now. Take the kids, ride some rides, pet some goats and stuff yourselves with mini doughnuts.

7. Start a water fight: With more hot hot hot weather on the horizon, a water fight with your kids is a fabulous way to cool off while having a blast. Parents vs. kids is always our favourite way to play the game and the kids tend to get a kick out of it too.

8. Take a day trip: Sometimes a weekend getaway this time of year is just too difficult to schedule, so take a day trip instead. There are a ton of amazing little nooks and crannies of Metro Vancouver that are great to explore. A few we love: Steveston, Port Moody, Deep Cove, New Westminster, Langley, and if you up for a little longer of a drive, Pemberton.

9. Pitch a tent in your backyard: Pitch the tent in your backyard for a fun family camp out. Sing songs, tell stories and make sure to eat s’mores. We top graham crackers with chocolate and a marshmallow and throw them under the broiler for a minute or less. Not quite the same as roasted over a campfire, but it’s a great quick fix for a backyard, campfire-free camping!

10. Sell lemonade: This time-honoured tradition is a summertime must. Set the kiddos up with a table and umbrella to stay cool. Have them create signs and mix up a batch of lemonade. Then they get to wave down neighbours to sample their tasty and refreshing drinks, plus they’ll have a bit of pocket change to add to their piggy bank at the end of the day.

11. Plan a picnic: Pack up the picnic basket with your family’s favourite foods and head to the park to spend the day. Scope out a shady spot to lay your blanket and let the kids run and have fun. Make sure you bring lots to eat, food just tastes better when you eat outside, so you might find your little ones have giant appetites!

12. Cool down at a water spray park: Nothing says summer like a fun afternoon at the water spray park. And there are a ton in Metro Vancouver to choose from! But most don’t operate past the September long weekend, so get your spray time in now.

13. Watch a movie outside: One of the most fun things to do in the summer is to stay up late and watch a great movie outdoors. No need to get a projector and big screen for your backyard, there are still a few opportunities to watch a fun family-friendly movie in communities around Metro Vancouver until the end of August.

14. Create a fun summer-themed scavenger hunt: Make a list of all the things that you can find outdoors during the summer and head out with your kiddos to see how many you can find. Use pictures for little ones who can’t read yet. Your list could include flowers, birds, butterflies, squirrels, ants, the sun, kids on bikes, and whatever else you can think of. End your hunt with a cool ice cream treat!

The summer must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun now. Make the most out of the remaining days and give your kiddos memories to last a lifetime.

Yo, mama! Looking for even more great summer fun? We’ve got you covered:

By: Michelle Hughes

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