When I think of the holidays, I think of…

Christmas Music



Excited children

Good Food

The smell of a real Christmas tree

and of course, a few adult drinks in there…

You know what I don’t think of…

Grumpy children

Baby crying

Kids not wanting to nap or go to sleep

Stressed parents

Children having meltdowns

The holidays can be very very overwhelming for our children. Their routine is off, there are (normally) a lot of people to see and visit. There is a lot of sugar infused snacks and excited moments. Sometimes you’re traveling and not even in your own home and not sleeping in their own bed. That in itself can cause some sleep troubles!

Here are some tips if you’re traveling/or just staying over at someone else’s home or in a hotel

1) Bring that sound machine with you!!

I don’t know about you, but my family is not going to be heading to bed at 7pm and it seems like they get louder as the night progresses….

2) Bring a night light for the hallway so if they need to go to the bathroom it’s not too dark

3) Make sure that the room is DARK. There is travel blackout blinds to purchase if you need them

4)Stick to your routine as much as possible during the time your away. Add in some extra quiet time before naps and bedtime away from the ‘action’ so they have time to calm themselves and get ready for sleep

5) If they have a favourite blanket, lovie or pillow, bring that to help with their comfort in a new bed

If travelling with a baby, it’s a good idea to bring a portable playpen as most places won’t provide one

6) If your child is sleeping on a bed that is high up , bring a pool noodle with you to tuck under the fitted sheet, this will help prevent them from rolling off of the bed

7) As hard as it will be, try and get them to bed at the same time as you would do at home – keeping them up later WILL NOT make them sleep in. Their body clocks are just too good!

8) Parents need sleep too. These little ones will not sleep in, so get that rest when you can

9) HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY – enjoy that food, and enjoy your family and yes of course, enjoy your kids waking up with excitement!

If you are not traveling, try stick to a routine the best you can and limit their sugar intake.

If you have a baby or child that is still breastfeeding or bottle feeding, try finding a quiet space so they can eat without distractions.

During the holidays it is not always the best time to start anything new or change anything drastic. The more normalcy you have, the more enjoyable the holidays will be for everyone.

Happy Holidays and Sleep Tight!

Dayna Kanigan
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Stork Sleep Consulting

My name is Dayna and I am a Pediatric Sleep Consultant for Stork Sleep Consulting. I am also a mom to two little boys who once had sleeping troubles as well.

I had no idea how to get my baby to sleep and I went through it all. Crying on the couch from lack of sleep, becoming frustrated with my partner and wondering if this will ever end. I did everything. I listened to everyone’s advice,”He will grow out of it” and ” just hold him he’s not small for long” – when he was 40 lbs it wasn’t cute anymore, I couldn’t carry him around.  I read all the books, I tried all the strategies but there was always a point where I needed help and needed to ask questions and get real life answers! I wanted to know what to do if my child was waking the neighbourhood up at 4am, how can I get him to sleep longer – but I didn’t have the energy to try look it up and sort through the 10 different answers. If I had someone to ask, someone to coach me it would have been life changing!

That’s why I became a sleep coach. To help parents and your families get that rest you deserve! I can help you! Don’t think of me as a sleep expert, think of me as a friend that has been through what you have been through and knows more about sleep than your other friends.