Your kiddos are going to love these gifts! We’ve scoured our favourite stores and found awesome present ideas for kids age 5 and up. We’ve found something for everyone, from STEM learning games to inventor building kits to fun winter toys!


Zipfy Snow Sled

This lightweight snow sled allows kiddos to zoom down snowy hills – the ultimate way to spend a wintery afternoon. Lean side to side to maneuver the sled as you make your way down, and drop your heels to slow down or stop. For ages 5+. $39.98 from


Osmo Genius Kit

Transform your iPad into a hands-on tool for learning and fun! The Osmo Genius Kit “sees” how kids move real-world objects and responds with onscreen encouragement. Kids will learn problem-solving, math, reading, and visual thinking skills all while having a ton of fun. For ages 5 – 12. $129.95 from Chapters.


Snow Stompers Footprint Maker

Strap these stompers to your feet and make fun dinosaur or bear footprints in the snow. Silly? Maybe. But your kiddo will love them! For ages 5+. $19.99 from Canadian Tire.

pizza garden

Plant a Pizza Garden

In this gardening kit, your kid will get everything they need to plant, water, and grow the ingredients to make a tasty pizza. The planting trays all fit neatly into a pizza shaped platter that they can decorate with fun stickers. This is a great way for kids to learn where our food comes from. For ages 6+. $29.99 From Mastermind Toys.

keva contraptions

Keva Contraptions

Keva Blocks are pine or maple planks of wood designed to stack and build crazy cool structures. Keva Contraptions take that fun to another level by challenging your kiddos to create ball tracks, ramps, chutes, and courses. For kids age 7+. $24.95 from Chapters.



Complete colourful puzzles by stacking combinations of connected beads. Flip through the puzzle book to find a challenge, then build away. We love that you can take these brain-twisting solitaire games on the road in the cute pocket-sized case. For ages 8 – 12. $14.95 from Chapters.

roller coaster

ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge

Figure out how to build a functioning roller coaster to win this STEM logic game. Plus your kiddo can enjoy endless hours of free form coaster building. This single player game will keep your kiddo occupied and having fun! For ages 8+. $39.99 from Mastermind Toys.


Craft-tastic Yarn Unicorns Kit

Make beautiful yarn unicorns with this fun kit. It’s a great rainy day activity for kids who love to craft! Ages 8+. $25.99 from Mastermind Toys.


Wonderology Rube Goldberg Playset: The Castle Escape Challenge

Build this contraption in just the right way to trigger an amazing and hilarious chain reaction. Kids will learn about STEM-based principles of springs and momentum while building. It even connects to other Rube Goldberg play sets to create bigger and more complex inventions. For ages 8+. $39.99 from Mastermind Toys.

LEGo movie

Klutz LEGO Make Your Own Movie

Bring LEGO minifigures to life with this beginner’s guide to stop-motion animation. The step-by-step guide and kit includes background ‘sets’ and 36 LEGO elements. Learn the tricks of the trade by following along with video tutorials. For ages 8+. $29.99 from Mastermind Toys.

wooden puzzle

True Genius Curated Collections Brain Puzzle

This beautiful collection of brain puzzles have your kiddo scratching their head. They’ll have to employ logic, ingenuity, and creative thinking to solve these puzzles. Varying levels of difficulty will mean the puzzles won’t all get solved immediately! For ages 12+. $24.99 from Mastermind Toys.


LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Quite possibly the coolest new toy we came across in our search — this Droid Inventor Kit allows kids (and mom and dad too) to create their very own custom Droid, teach it new tricks and take it on missions. For ages 8+. $129.95 from Chapters.

neon cactus

Amped Cactus Neon Light

Give your tweens the coolest room on the block with a lime green Cactus neon light. Also comes in a fun hot pink flamingo design! For tweens and teens. $75 from Drake General Store.

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 By: Michelle Hughes

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  1. Hi, I love that your gift ideas are simple and practical!

    I was looking around for gifts for my baby nephew and you definitely got my thinking cap going on what else to get him for Christmas.

    I bought a few things so far but one that seems to be turning heads is this talking elephant toy I found.

    Hopefully you don’t mind me sharing that link.. I just thought it would be helpful for other moms, aunts and grandmothers.

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