Finding the perfect gift for little ones can be tricky. They aren’t able to articulate the exact gift they want, they don’t have developed hobbies yet, plus they seem to grow out of everything the moment you buy it! But don’t worry — we’ve tracked down gifts that help develop fine motor skills, inspire growing imaginations, and are colourful and fun. Perfect for kids 4 and under!

Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler

This silly penguin wiggles and wobbles and produces lovely twinkly sounds. The wooden base is extra durable. Little ones will delight in trying to knock it over! For ages 0+. $19.99 at Mastermind Toys.

Green Toys Wagon

Made from 100% recycled plastics, Green Toys Wagon is a gift you can feel good giving. This little wagon is perfect to haul your kiddos most prized possessions! Stick teddy and a favourite book inside and take it for a walk around the block. For ages 1+. $24.99 from Green Toys.

Boon Pipes Building Bath Toy

Bath time will be so much more fun with these multicolour pipes. Attach them to the wall or bathtub and watch the water flow through. Use them individually or make them into a chain. For ages 1+. $24.99 from

Geomag Magicube Polar Animals

These magnetic blocks can be attached to any side, making for fun arctic animals and wintery scenes. For ages 18 months +. $39.98 from

Guidecraft Grippies Builder Set

Endless building possibilities await with Guidecraft’s Grippies Builder Set. This STEM learning toy allows young kiddos to connect magnetic rod and ball pieces and provides an introduction to the basic principles of geometry and engineering. Ages 1.5 – 5. $54.99 from Toys R Us.

K’s Kids Colourful Bowling Friends

This fun and colourful bowling set is a great way for your kiddos to develop their hand-eye coordination. Once your kiddo has mastered knocking down all the pins, try setting them up in different configurations to keep the game interesting! For ages 2+. $39.99 from Mastermind Toys.

Grimm’s Small Rainbow

Stack, sort, and build with this beautifully crafted wooden rainbow puzzle. Make tunnels for cars, cradles for dolls, or fences for toy animals. This toy really gets their imagination going! Great for toddlers. $22.99 from Lagoon Baby.

Leapfrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

Make endless combinations of yummy ice cream cones with various toppings and syrups. This fun toy helps build memory and sequencing skills. For ages 2 – 5. $49.99 at The Bay.

Joki Hanging Nest

Give your kiddo a little hideaway with this fun Joki Hanging Nest. It makes a great place to snuggle up and read books or to escape to an imaginary world. Suspend the hanging nest from a support beam in your house, or take it outside in the summer and find a sturdy tree branch. For ages 3 – 9. $179.95 from Chapters.

Moonlite Storytime Projector Starter Pack

Make bedtime stories even more captivating with this innovative story projector. It snaps onto your smartphone and uses the flashlight to project vibrant images on to the ceiling. This starter pack includes the classic Goodnight Moon. For ages 3+. $29.99 from Mastermind Toys.

Green Toys Car Carrier

Another hit from Green Toys, this double-decker car carrier has two working ramps and space for 3 mini cars (included in the set). Made from 100% recycled plastic, it’s durable for indoor and outdoor play. For ages 3+. $24.99 from Mastermind Toys.

KID K’NEX Budding Builders

Create fun creatures and amazing structures with the brand new 100pc Budding Builders tub from KID K’NEX. Great for developing fine motor skills and an interest in engineering. For kids age 3+. $49.99 from Mastermind Toys.

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children’s Wireless Headphones

Never worry about your kiddo getting tangled in cords again — these wireless headphones connect to devices through Bluetooth technology. The volume limiter protects little ears and they come in a wide array of fun colours! For ages 4+. $69.99 from Best Buy.