There is a balance that we as parents always try and hit, between displaying the creative pieces of art our kiddos create and having a lovely decorated home. This balance is especially difficult during holiday time when the onslaught of macaroni noodle art that comes home is at an all time high. Listen, we love the art our kiddos create (we really do), and how proud they are when we display it, but using it as a centerpiece to our holiday décor isn’t quite what we are after. We need something in the middle. Not all kid crafts, but we definitely want some personal touches to make our home feel homey.

To achieve that balance of a beautifully decorated home that includes crafts from our kids we have 6 holiday décor DIY ideas that you can do with the kiddos, but are lovely enough to be used year after year. Working on these crafts together you’ll create lasting memories. So don your silly Christmas sweaters, blast the carols, sip on some eggnog, and get festive and merry together as a family!


holiday wreath diy with lightsfresh holiday door wreath DIY

holiday village DIYhappy holiday village DIY

centerpiece diycute miniature christmas tree centerpiece DIY

pom pom diy ornamenteasy timeless custom ornaments DIY

holiday decor DIY

super simple window décor DIY

miniature garden DIYa magical elf garden DIY

We hope these ideas help you get a festive start on decorating your home and having fun with your kids. For more holiday cheer, visit our holiday gift guide, and our ultimate guide to family-friendly holiday events in Metro Vancouver.

By: Michelle Hughes

images via PinterestMad in CraftsUrban Outfitters, & Pinterest.

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