We love love and we love finding fun ways to show our favourite people how much we care about them. Our favourite way? To make a special treat, of course! But the problem with doing that for Valentine’s Day is the day is usually filled to the brim with sugary treats already. So to offset that, we’ve gathered 14 easy and healthy Valentine’s Day recipes for you to make for everyone you love. We have also included one sneaky treat: some tips on how to decorate fun Valentine’s Day Cookies. We couldn’t help ourselves! Most of these recipes can be made with kid-helpers, so you get what you truly want on February 14th: more time with the people you love the most. Grab your heart-shaped cookie cutters, throw on an apron and cook up some love!

Heart-Shaped Eggs in Toast

healthy valentines day recipe - egg in hole
photo credit: Martha Stewart

Get the Heart-Shaped Eggs in Toast recipe by Martha Stewart

Strawberry Cream Cheese Sandwiches

healthy valentines day recipe - sandwich
photo credit: Modern Parents Messy Kids

Get the Strawberry Cream Cheese Sandwiches recipe by Modern Parents Messy Kids

Cherry Tomato Hearts

healthy valentines day recipe - tomatoes
photo credit: Recipe by Photo

Get the Cherry Tomato Hearts recipe by Recipe by Photo

Hearts in Apple Sandwich

healthy valentines day recipe - hearts in sandwich
photo credit: Happy Together by Jess

Get the Hearts in Apple Sandwich recipe by Happy Together by Jess

Heart-Shaped Snack Platter

valentines day recipes
photo credit: Two Kids Cooking

Get the Heart-Shaped Snack Platter recipe by Two Kids Cooking

Valentine’s Day Pizza

healthy valentines day recipe - pizza
photo credit: One Charming Party

Get the Valentine’s Day Pizza recipe by One Charming Party

Roasted Heart Potatoes

healthy valentines day recipe -potatoes
photo credit: Hanilea’s

Get the Roasted Heart Potatoes recipe by Haniela’s

Heart-Shaped Salad

healthy valentines day recipe - salad
photo credit: Jo and Sue

Get the Heart-Shaped Salad recipe by Jo and Sue

No-Bake Heart-Shaped Granola Bites

healthy valentines day recipe - granola
photo credit: How About Cookie

Get the No-Bake Heart-Shaped Granola Bites recipe by How About Cookie

Valentine’s Day Soup & Sandwich

healthy valentines day recipe - grilled cheese
photo credit: Make Myself at Home

Get the Valentine’s Day Soup & Sandwich recipe  by Make Myself at Home

Heart-Shaped Wedge Salad with Bacon Hearts

healthy valentines day recipe - heart shaped wedge salad
photo credit: Pretty Prudent

Get the Heart-Shaped Wedge Salad with Bacon Hearts recipe by Pretty Prudent

Valentine’s Day Bento Box

healthy valentines day recipe - bento
photo credit: Wendolonia

Get the Valentine’s Day Bento Box recipe by Wendolonia

Heart-Shaped Eggs

healthy valentines day recipe - egg
photo credit: Anna the Red

Learn How to Make a Heart-Shaped Egg by Anna the Red

Heart-Shaped Whole Wheat Cranberry Applesauce Muffins

healthy valentines day recipe - muffins
photo credit: Eating Richly

Get the Heart-Shaped Whole Wheat Cranberry Applesauce Muffins recipe by Eating Richly

Bonus: cookie decorating hacks! Learn how to make beautiful cookies decorated with Valentine’s Day without using any special tools. No piping bags, special bottles or offset spatulas needed.

cookie decorating tips


We hope you have fun whipping up some special and (mostly) healthy treats for your favourite people this Valentine’s Day!


By: Michelle Hughes

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