It’s time for trick or treats and spooky fun! We bet your kiddo has a Halloween class party soon. If coming up with ideas for tasty treats for school parties drives you batty, have no fear, we have 5 yummy Franken-tastic Halloween snacks that are really easy to make. We know some schools have pretty tight guidelines when it comes to sharing snacks in the classroom, so we’ve included ideas for pre-packaged snacks and sugar-free snacks too. Plus a few sugary ones for good measure. And everything is nut-free!

Jack-o-Lantern Applesauce Packs

pumpkin packs halloween treats

This snack is a great option for schools that require sugar-free snacks or snacks that are pre-packaged. All you need are some applesauce or other fruit packs (just make sure there’s no added sugar), crepe paper streamers in orange, tape, and a black Sharpie pen. Here’s how you do it:

Tape the start of a streamer to the back of the applesauce pack and wrap the pack a few times so none of the words or pictures peek through. Tape the free end to the packet and draw a jack-o-lantern face on it. You could also make mummies by using white streamers or Frankenstein by using green streamers.

Pretzel Ghosts

ghost pretzel halloween treats

This fun ghoulish treat will get giggles out of your kids! You need mini pretzels, candy eyes, a bag of white chocolate chips or white candy melts, and about 1/2 tsp of coconut oil. To make them, melt the white chocolate chips or candy melts in the microwave with a bit of coconut oil in short 10 – 20-second bursts until melted. Dip the pretzels in the melted chocolate and place on a parchment-lined baking tray (using two forks to dip and place on the tray works best). While the chocolate is still wet, add two candy eyes to the top, leaving the bottom pretzel loop open to look like a howling ghost mouth. Let the pretzels sit until the chocolate has hardened, or place them in the freezer to speed up the process.

Candy Corn Fruit Sticks

candy corn fruit sticks halloween treats

Here’s another great option for schools and parents looking for a healthier snack option. Simply take pineapple rings, pieces of cantaloupe, and small pieces of apples (we soaked ours in lemon juice to prevent browning), line them up with the pineapple at the bottom, then cantaloupe, and then apple piece, slice to make into a triangle shape and poke with a toothpick or small skewer. Yum!

Rice Krispies Monsters

rice krispies monsters halloween treats

These fun monster treats are super customizable and look great when displayed all together on a platter. Plus, it’s a great snack for little hands to help with. You need one batch of Rice Krispies treats made in a 9×13 inch pan and cut into 21 rectangular pieces. Melt candy melts in your favourite colours according to the package directions and add a really small amount of coconut oil to thin the candy slightly (about 1/2 tsp). Gently press a popsicle stick into the bottom of each Rice Krispies treat, dip one end of the Rice Krispies treats in the candy melts, and place on a parchment-lined baking tray. While still wet, press in candy eyes in various sizes. Do one eye, two eyes, or ten! Once candy melts have hardened, serve them up.


franken muffins halloween treats

This snack uses a batch of our Mini Monster Muffins and adds a fun twist. Poke pretzel sticks into either side of the cooled muffin and then decorate with black icing and candy eyes. These treats are probably the most time consuming of the bunch, but they do make for a super cute lunch kit surprise on Halloween!

We hope these fun snacks get you into the haunting mood!

By: Michelle Hughes

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