Halloween is right around the corner, so to get in the spooky spirit we’ve come up with 8 delicious snack ideas that the whole family will enjoy. These ghastly treats are perfect for school Halloween parties and are great snacks to enjoy before you head out trick or treating.

halloween pumpkin cheese balls

Miniature Pumpkin Cheese Balls
These delicious little pumpkins get their orange hue from crushed goldfish crackers. What kid can resist that? They are the perfect size to smoosh between two crackers and tasty enough to simply pop one in your mouth!

halloween treat spooky strawberries

Spooky Strawberries
A little smear of chocolate and some white frosting teeth and these strawberries will appear to be howling. Use them as cupcake toppers or as a tasty and (mostly) healthy snack on their own!

halloween recipe cheesy bone breadsticks

Cheesy Breadstick Bones
Crunchy and cheesy breadsticks dipped in yummy marinara sauce are always a hit with our kiddos. Make them perfect for Halloween by shaping the breadsticks into bones!

halloween snack ideas silly cups

Silly Snack Cups
You could fill these snack cups with any fruit you like. We are particularly fond of the green grapes to make little Frankenstein cups. Enlist your kids to help draw the faces — they’ll get a kick out of it!

halloween treat ideas boonanas

This is such a simple snack, but it looks really great when all the bananas are standing together on a plate!

halloween snack ideas zombie fingers

Zombie Fingers
Who knew cheese strings and peppers could be so spooky. These zombie fingers are simple to make and kids always get a kick out of the creepy disembodied fingers!

halloween snack ideas kiwis

Funny Franken-kiwis
Gather chocolate chips, sprinkles, pretzel sticks and marshmallows to make some silly or spooky Franken-kiwis.

halloween snack ideas snack o lanterns

These silly little jack-o-lanterns are made using pre-packaged mandarin orange segments in cups. This is a great snack option for school if they require classroom party snacks to be pre-packaged.

We hope these fun and spooky Halloween snack ideas get your tummy rumbling and your creative juices flowing. Happy Halloween!

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By: Michelle Hughes

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