Halloween is almost here – it’s time to plan for the big night. Costumes set, jack-o’-lanterns carved, and loot bags at the ready! But before you head out for a night of trick-or-treating fun, we think it’s important to focus on keeping everyone in your family safe. With evenings getting darker earlier, the likelihood of rain, and, since Halloween falls on a weekday this year, commuters rushing home in their cars, it’s important to take a few simple steps to make sure your entire family arrives back home safe, with loot bags full of candy!

Here are 5 tips to keep you and your little goblins safe and happy on Halloween.

1. Plan your route

Making a plan is a great idea for Halloween night. Map out which streets you will visit and the route you will take. This way you won’t get so far from home that little legs are too tired to make it back. It also will help your kiddos have a better understanding where home is since familiar neighbourhoods can look very different at night. It’s a good idea to pin your phone number and home address inside your kiddos jacket, just in case you get separated.

2. Make your costumes extra safe

Ditch masks in favour of face-paint – your kiddos will be able to see their surroundings much better. Make sure costumes aren’t too long that they get tripped over. And add reflective tape to costumes and loot bags so they stand out. If you haven’t already sorted out costumes, you may want to look for ones that are labeled as flame-retardant, since they’ll be running by lots of lit jack-o’-lanterns.

3. Use crosswalks

Sidewalks will be busy and full of people, but that doesn’t mean you should ever wander out onto the road. Remind your kids to stop and look both ways before crossing a street, and to always cross at crosswalks. It’s a good idea to trick-or-treat down one side of the street and then back on the other side – that way you aren’t zigzagging back and forth across the street.

4. Light the way

Arm your kids with flashlights or headlamps and string some glow sticks around their neck. The flashlights will make sure they don’t trip over curbs or uneven sidewalks and the glow sticks will help them stand out to cars and other trick-or-treaters.

5. Use battery-powered candles

Keep your little ones and any other kids that visit your door safe by lighting your jack-o’-lanterns with battery-powered candles. You can find them at the dollar store!

Armed with these Halloween safety tips, you and your little monsters are ready for a howling good time!

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