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We’re excited to give away an exciting prize package for 2 in beautiful Harrison Hot Springs.

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Nestled against Southwestern British Columbia’s magnificent mountains and the sandy beaches of Harrison Lake, Harrison Village is your local vacation destination filled with a rich history and natural wonders including their world-famous BC hot springs. Whether you’re looking for an adventure with the kids, a romantic getaway or a fun-filled trip with friends, Harrison Hot Springs has what you are after. Watersports, boat tours, wildlife viewing, hiking, golfing, spas, agri-tours, fishing, festivals and events, waterfront accommodations and dining are all yours to enjoy.

What’s included in the giveaway:

Located on Harrison Lake in the center of the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, the award-winning Harrison Beach Hotel offers guests affordable and comfortable accommodations year round, pool, hot tub, kayak and mountain bikes. You’ll be steps away from local attractions and activities – like hiking, paddle boarding, shopping, sasquatch tours and more.

Located on the waterfront, Muddy Waters is a family run cafe that uses fresh, local ingredients to create a unique farm to table experience. From locally roasted coffee, to cheeses from Agassiz, Muddy Waters is a local foodie destination.

Milos is owned by two brothers: Vic Ghotra and Sunny Manihani. They take great pride in the family owned and operated restaurants and are grateful for the community support they receive. Enjoy authentic Greek cuisine with unbeatable views of Harrison Lake.

Milos features a rooftop patio and is currently renovating the first floor to offer a higher-dining experience, complete with a covered glass heated patio and fireplace. This is identical to the patio they built at Black Forest.

Your guide will show you some of Harrison Lake’s best features, including the prehistoric sturgeon, majestic salmon and the stunning bald eagles along the riverbank. The tour will run for approximately two hours.

Things to do and see in Harrison Hot Springs:

  • Stop by the Harrison Visitor Centre and visit the Sasquatch Museum

Located at the corner of Hot Springs Road and Walnut. 499 Hot Springs Rd, Harrison Hot Springs, BC. Open 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Tuesday-Sunday.

The history of the Sasquatch with both First Nations and settlers is part of what makes it so unique. As the anglicized pronunciation the Sts’ailes word, Sa:sq’ets, the Sasquatch is the “primary caretaker who watches over the land” and is integral to the Sts’ailes people.

The mystery of “Bigfoot” has led thousands to search for signs of the Ape-like beast, including the late Canadian journalist John Green. Green conducted interviews, did extensive research, and dedicated much of his professional life to documenting and finding the elusive creature. Question everything but don’t dismiss the possibilities until you’ve explored our collection. The legend is real! Feel free to let our museum lead you through compelling artifacts, history, witness accounts, science, lore, and myths.

Check out the self-guided Sasquatch Trail… take a selfie with the Sasquatch himself!

Sasquatch Trail – Proof that the legendary Sasquatch exists! Start at Harrison Hot Springs welcome sign, before making your way to the Sasquatch Museum (located at the Harrison Visitor Centre) and exploring random sightings. Let our museum lead you through compelling artifacts, history, witness accounts, science, lore and myths. You’ll be able to learn about the First Nation’s Sasquatch story and then end the day with a chocolate Sasquatch foot at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. June 15th and 16th are Harrison’s Sasquatch Days. At Christmas, Harrison’s light attraction—*Lights By The Lake—see the Sasquatch fishing, camping, and enjoying other signature activities. (*Note: In 2018, it was called Lights on the Lake but for 2019 will be changed to Lights By the Lake.)

Do you want to discover more about the local Sasuqatch? Learn the history and read all about the Sasquatch Trail. Just click here.

A celebration of past and present, this tour is a rich mix of wonderful things to see, do, smell, and taste!

See bison roaming the fields, watch artisan cheese and hand-crafted pottery in the making. Take a self-guided tour of a Canadian Pacific Railroad station, revisit a 1920’s active farming community, and shop for antiques, home & garden décor. Smell fresh coffee being roasted and taste uniquely blended teas, heirloom tomatoes, Russian Red garlic & more.

Farmhouse Natural Cheeses produces handmade artisan cheeses and specialties from the fresh milk from their own dairy cows and goats. Everything is made in their on- farm cheese shop.

Dan & Lynda invite you to visit their pottery & basketry studio or watch coffee being roasted in a circa 1919 Flame Roaster. Head out to the barn for antiques, collectibles, & other home or garden décor items. Character buildings, chickens, goats & of course our family vegetable gardens make this a fun & relaxing experience.

Ways you can enjoy Harrison at your own leisure:

  • Hike the Spirit Trail (1km): Spirit Trail is a short walk through a beautiful cedar forest that is very accessible from the Village of Harrison Hot Springs. What makes this trail so special is that a local resident and artist has decorated many of the cedars along the trail with beautiful masks.
  • The Heritage Walk (5km return): This pleasant walk takes you back through time, past historical buildings and landmark moments in Harrison Hot Springs history. It starts at the Visitor Centre and gives a great overview of Harrison Hot Springs.
  • Run along the lakeshore and climb to Sandy Cove & Whippoorwill Point: The directions for this can be a little tricky, so please visit the link for full details – we wouldn’t want you to get lost!
  • Public Hot Spring Pools: The public hot springs pool is available to all visitors to Harrison and is a great option for the entire family.
  • Biking: Harrison Hot Springs offers some of the finest biking to be found in the Fraser Valley. At Harrison’s doorstep, the fertile farmland of Agassiz provides kilometre after kilometre of beautiful scenery and wonderful country roads. Best of all it is all flat.
  • Paddle or Kayak: Harrison Hot Springs is a kayaking mecca for the novice and experienced paddler alike. From Harrison Mills to where the Harrison River meets Harrison Hot Springs, the scenery remains untouched, the water is calming, and the exploration routes are endless.

** This prize pack is for booking between April 30, 2019 to November 10, 2019 between Monday and Thursday (excludes July 1 to September 4, 2019). **

Good luck!

Congratulations to our winner: Ruth!

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