For Summer Dhillon-Giesbrecht, like many boutique business owners, her brand is a reflection of her personality. Dhillon was raised in a home with parents who were always hosting people, organizing parties, sharing authentic stories, and connecting to their upbringing.

“This environment rubbed off on me,” reflects Dhillon, “I feel that PR comes very naturally to me. I love people, getting to know them, and hearing their stories.” Slap Communications branding reflects this style and its personality is rooted in the same values of Dhillon’s personal upbringing.

“My parents were really big storytellers, they both came from different countries, they moved to Saskatchewan where I was born. My mom was born and raised in Africa, my dad in India, then they moved to the prairies and had me 15 years after they were married. So, they have all these stories about their own journeys that were very much shared during my upbringing. While all agencies are storytellers, I think there are different kinds of storytellers. I’m always looking for something more experiential. I think that comes from the way I was raised. It’s my normal, but I hear from people all the time that they really appreciate it. I think that’s a unique piece that’s very much the family I have today. I have four children and it filters down into our team where it’s kind of just become our culture.”

Dhillon’s parents, she shares, “just did everything with a little bit of ‘glitter’, so it became a part of Slap’s personality – they came from the same place.”

Developing a brand and building a business while balancing family life can be tough and Summer Dhillon pulls it off so seemingly effortlessly and authentically. Dhillon’s best tips for moms balancing professional and personal lives includes building a business and a brand naturally and within a comfortable timeline.

“I think as moms, we put this pressure on ourselves to be superwomen. We have to excel at everything we do – raising kids, balancing schedules, organizing things, so I often felt like I was failing with my family while I was focusing on Slap or maybe I wasn’t giving Slap the attention it needed while I was focusing on family. The whole reason I created my business was so that I could be home with the kids and being a very young mom, created many challenges.”

“My kids always said how proud they were of me. My husband was really supportive, anything I do he just loved me through it, so I’m really grateful.”

“I think when people start a business, they find it daunting, and they get overwhelmed. They’re good at something and they want to run with it, and I just think that they’re not kind to themselves in the process. We live in a world where all over social media, seemingly everyone else has their stuff together. Everyone else is doing it better than we are but it’s a façade, it’s not real. I think everyone is struggling and we need to be kind to ourselves and remember why you do what you do and trust in the success because it comes naturally.”

Take a look at Summer Dhillon’s amazingly authentic company, Slap Communications and stay tuned for all the personalized stories to come.

Interview by: Andreia McLean