Sonya is a mom to four kids she raises with her high school sweetheart & DadChef just outside of Toronto. On leave from her career in Public Service, she’s the Editor of family + lifestyle blog, Contributor to various lifestyle mediums & budding photographer. Sonya shares her modern mom musings, content surrounding family travel, food + recipes and anything that helps simplify the everyday, while navigating the beautiful chaos of large family living.

 What’s your morning routine look like?

Wake up before the kids, meditate while coffee brews, lunches, school scramble, shower…repeat!

Go-to weekend activity for spring?

Family hikes at a local conservation & usually wrapping up hockey playoffs + tryouts. We have a certified babysitter in the house now, so my husband & I have been enjoying bike ride dates alone, lately 🙂

What is your #1 time saving tip for the busy mama?

Empower the kids as they grow to pitch in. Domestic duties are a family affair around here 😉 Grocery pick up/delivery. Making multiple meals from one batch cooking a week.

Finish this sentence: The funniest thing I ever did as a mom was…

Try to keep up with the gang on the ice hill in Hotel de Glace & was in over my pace – slid right into the wall!

What Was The Best Advice On Motherhood Have You Ever Received?

Trust your inner knowing more. She’s a powerful force & usually never wrong.

What is your favourite part about being a mom?

Getting to love & be loved in return by four healthy humans I half-made myself is pretty fantastic when you step back and let that soak in. Lately, night time chats before bed are my favourite. We get to connect in ways the daytime crazy doesn’t always allow for & they let me into their world a little more. We’ve hit an equal parts really cool and really terrifying point in parenting. It’s a never-ending self-discovery journey, no doubt.

Is there a food that you think is really gross but you make your kids eat it because it’s good for them?

Honestly, I love all kinds of foods (except blue cheese or liver) and the kids are used to eating a variety of home cooked dishes from all food groups, just like I did growing up. I don’t think I’d make something I thought was gross because then I’d have to eat it, lol!

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