Samantha is a foodie mom to 3 young daughters. She runs a food blog called My Kitchen Love (.com) where she loves creating easy, flavourful, family-friendly recipes and taking gorgeous pictures of those recipes. While not in the kitchen, behind the camera, or computer, you can usually find her chasing her 3 girls in the North Vancouver mountains, down the ski hill, or on a soccer field. She loves to have fun with her family and friends, but equally joins cozying up with a book, a puzzle or some knitting. For Samantha, it’s always good day when food, family, and friends intersect.

What’s your morning routine look like?

I wake up and quickly start making breakfast and kid lunches while trying to drink that elusive cup of hot coffee. From there it’s a mad dash to school (or activities) to drop off my girls. I usually get home and try to get an hour or so of administrative work done before fitting in a workout. After my workout, it’s back to the grind especially if the weather cooperates and I’m able to get a photoshoot in with natural light.

Go-to weekend activity for spring?

Trail running with a friend or skiing with my family.

What is your #1 time saving tip for the busy mama?

Batch cooking and freezing what you can, your future self always appreciates it.

Finish this sentence: The funniest thing I ever did as a mom was…

Letting my 4 year old at the time do my makeup. Hilarity.

What Was The Best Advice On Motherhood Have You Ever Received?

Let your kids get bored, they can create and learn some pretty amazing things by not being busy all the time.

What is your favourite part about being a mom?

Watching my kids having persistence in learning, whether it be a sport, reading, math, etc. Their drive is stunning and I hope they never lose it.

Is there a food that you think is really gross but you make your kids eat it because it’s good for them?

I think eggplant is the only one … and it’s actually kind of good if you cook it properly so I blame myself for not liking it 😉

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