Mahnaz (Naz) grew up in Vancouver, B.C and is now raising her two girls in North Vancouver. Originally she was an HR director in the corporate world but after having her girls she decided to create her own business, capturing the prints of loved ones in handcrafted sterling silver jewellery. She loves coffee, baking, skiing with the family and hiking in the woods. Her favourite thing is to travel any chance she gets! She binge watches murder mystery dramas and can’t remember the last time she read a physical book that was not for kids! She has listened to over 60 audio books in the last year though. She is a cup half full kind of person and believes in spreading kindness into the world.

 What’s your morning routine look like?

Most mornings I try to wake up at 5am, get a quick HIIT workout done in my basement. Afterwards I get started on breakfast and make sure lunch boxes are ready and packed. We eat breakfast as a family and then I get the girls to school. After drop off I come back home grab my cup of coffee and take a moment to enjoy it before I get started on my work!

Go-to weekend activity for spring?

Hiking in the trails near our house. It’s the perfect way to spend time with the family. I get to hear stories about what is happening with the girls and we enjoy being out in nature. Afterwards, we would come home have lunch play some board games with the girls and end the day by watching a nice movie as a family

What is your #1 time saving tip for the busy mama?

What saves me everyday is meal planning for the week so I know what to make and what to buy. Prepping helps as well but I don’t go all out, I find it too overwhelming. Every evening as I’m cooking dinner I prepare lunches and snacks for everyone in the family. So I really only have to go into the kitchen once a day for about an hour. It saves me time and I find I snack less because I have everything ready for me.

Finish this sentence: The funniest thing I ever did as a mom was…

Ask my 4 year daughter to pick up the worms in our pile of leaves and put them in the garden because I couldn’t muster the courage to do it myself!

What Was The Best Advice On Motherhood Have You Ever Received?

Stop and take in the moment! As a mompreneur, it gets very busy and I juggle many balls in the air. It hurts me to miss those special moments with my family that can’t be repeated. I make it a point to stop and just enjoy the moments with my girls, sometimes at the expense of my sleep (because the work still needs to get done!). But it’s so worth it!

What is your favourite part about being a mom?

The endless cuddles! I love them! I know as they grow my cuddle times will get further apart but for now I’ll take all they give me 🙂

Is there a food that you think is really gross but you make your kids eat it because it’s good for them?

I really don’t like bones marrow! I make bone marrow canoes for the girls because it’s super good for them and to tell you the truth they absolutely love it!

There are times that all mothers wish that they could freeze time. Do you have any tips & tricks that you can share with our readers on how to capture memories? 

Memories are what keep us grounded and in touch with our feelings. As a mother of two, I know how busy it can get juggling little ones, schedules, work, and everything else that life throws at us. One of the main ways I try to freeze time is to slow down and actually spend some time with the girls with no distractions, these times are usually when we end up doing random things we would usually never do. such as lying on the grass in the back garden and eating some snacks and watching the clouds. 

Unfortunately, not every day can be like that so I find other ways to anchor the memories for myself. I have created a box for each of my girls, where I have popped in their first item of clothing they wore when they came home from the hospital, their favourite shirt they always wore, their little baby stuffy that they could never separate from. I have packed these special items in each of their boxes and I look at them and the girls love exploring and finding items to put in their box on a yearly basis. 

We are taking a million photos but we really never actually get to enjoy them because who really has the time to scroll through 10 years of photos. Well, one of the best things I did was link our google hub with my photos so we get a constant feed of our photos as a family and the things we have been up to. I’m always discovering really amazing photos which I might not have come upon unless I would actually scroll through my millions of photos!

Something near and dear to my heart is capturing their hand and footprints. Every birthday I take their prints and save it in my folder, its amazing to see how big their hands and feet get! I recommend using a white piece of paper and dating the back so you have a record. The prints themselves you can use ink or paint (don’t use too much) or order one of my Magic Inkless Prints kits so you can take the prints without the mess!

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