Kim Thé is the founder of Pebble Star Artists, a Vancouver-based booking and arts management agency, specializing in booking artists into theatres, festivals, events and schools. She also works alongside her husband and JUNO-nominated children’s musician, Will Stroet of Will’s Jams, and manages the business operations of their jointly owned company, Pebble Star Productions. Kim passionately works to amplify the voices of diverse artists, who specialize in creating inspiring and educational shows for young audiences. You can check out her roster at, and more about Will’s Jams at

We absolutely love the children’s entertainment that your company Pebble Star Artists offers. When did you decide to start the agency and can you tell us a little bit of your journey to get there?

I started my agency, Pebble Star Artists, on March 8, 2017 (which coincidentally happened to be International Women’s Day), when Will was on tour somewhere in Canada. I had already been working full time for four years for our company, and was managing all Will’s bookings and business operations. I figured if I could have success booking Will for 1000+ shows over the past 10+ years, then I could also have success helping other artists book shows too, so I started my own agency. Presenters were also asking me to refer other artists when Will wasn’t available so the timing seemed right!

People often ask what my company name means. My close childhood friend, Megan Leblanc (who shared a love for live arts with me and Will during our 20s), actually coined the name of our company, Pebble Star Productions. She said, “Will isn’t a rock star, he’s a pebble star because he performs for kids!” We really liked this joke so we used it in our company name. When I incorporated my agency, I wanted to still include the same name from the roots of our first company too – hence, the name “Pebble Star Artists.”

What are some of the kind of artists that you work with and favourite shows that Pebble Star Artists books?

I closely curate the list of professional artists I work with who come from diverse backgrounds. I’ve purposely kept my roster small so that none of the artists I work with compete with each other since they have different artistic practices. I love all their shows and make sure that my kids do too!

Here’s more about each artist:

– Will’s Jams performs bilingual rock-pop music with his band and is well loved for his witty wordplay and singalong choruses as seen on CBC Kids, Universal Kids and KidoodleTV

– Stephanie Morin-Robert is a cancer survivor and award-winning multidisciplinary artist who has a hilarious show, “BLINDSIDE,” about her life as a feisty 7-year-old who wields her glass-eye as a weapon

-Kung Jaadee is an engaging Indigenous storyteller and author belonging to the Haida, Squamish and Musqueam First Nations

-Karima Essa is one of Vancouver’s top Bollywood choreographers and performers who was a two-time semi-finalist on OMNI TV’s Bollywood Star reality dance show

– The Blues Berries, led by JUNO award-winning guitarist Gord Grdina, performs their popular “History of the Blues” show featuring Dawn Pemberton, and original blues music for kids

– Penny Pom Pom is new to the children’s scene and combines catchy music, art and creativity in her live shows and in her new YouTube series

– Krystle Dos Santos, a two-time award-winning WCMA singer-songwriter, has two powerful and energetic shows, “A History of Motown” and “BLAK | Canadian Women in Music”

How do you balance motherhood and entrepreneurship?

It’s a juggling act every day as I run two companies and have two kids who are 7 and 11! In the beginning of the pandemic, it was really stressful to be running our businesses and creating new ways of working while also homeschooling our kids. Once the kids went back to school in September, we became really streamlined in how we worked, and have managed to just push through the challenges. Since Will hasn’t been touring for 15 months, I now have a lot more help from him. He’s responsible for all the meal planning, cooking, shopping and house jobs. I manage all the business operations, personal paperwork, children’s activities and all our social activities. We have very clear lines of who does what so we can try to stay on top of everything and out of each other’s way!

We also have grandparent help since we live in a multigenerational home and his parents live in a separate suite downstairs. While we weren’t in the same bubble for most of the pandemic, we have now formed a bubble with both sets of grandparents so we’re able to see each other and have help with childcare too.

What are some of your favourite summer activities that you do to spend quality time with your family?

We’re spending a lot of time with my folks in Victoria and with my sister and her family too in one big bubble. We’ve been camping, swimming, paddle boarding, hiking and playing at beaches. We also started playing a lot of disc golf in the Vancouver parks during the pandemic, and our older daughter is really into it.

The pandemic took a toll on all of us – as we begin to come out of it, what have you taken away from this past year?

When the pandemic first hit last March, I was really sad and angry since I had lost 150+ bookings for all my artists – they vanished over the course of the week and so did most of our income. However, with the government’s relief programs and lots of time to get creative, Will and I managed to be innovative and adapt. We started doing livestreams and pre-recorded concerts to license to schools, libraries, theatres and festivals. I also worked with my other artists to do the same. The pandemic has forced us to become more technologically adept and think of new ways of keeping the arts alive, which in the end is a good thing!

Being a successful entrepreneur means being able to be nimble and pivot. We’ve been able to connect with new audiences online across Canada and internationally in a way that we’ve never been able to do before. I think, that moving forward, live arts will adopt a hybrid model of offering livestreams with in-person shows.

I’ve also learned to practice gratitude on a more regular basis and have appreciated the quality time that I’ve had with Will and my kids. Will’s never been home this much in the past 10 years, which has been great.

One of the other positive things to come out of the pandemic, is that I started regularly exercising a few times a week outdoors with a small group of women to relieve stress and keep sane! I also have been able to keep up with my love for dance and have organized a few Bollywood dance classes with Karima Essa in my neighbourhood with friends!

Is there anything that you are working on right now that you both are very excited about?

Yes, so many new and exciting things! Will’s releasing his 11th album, “Big Shiny Spoons,” this fall and we’re planning a live album release party on Oct. 17 at St. James Hall in Vancouver so save the date! In August, I’ll be filming new Squamish stories with Kung Jaadee later this summer with her uncle Bob Baker who is a Squamish elder and cultural advisor, which will be available for schools and other organizations. I’m also launching a new online platform to share my artists’ content, but I haven’t announced it yet, so if you want to know more, you’ll have to check my website this fall (

Do you have anything else that you would like to share with our community?

I love connecting with families through live arts and am so looking forward to meeting more people as live events return. If you’d like to connect with me or my artists, please reach out @pebblestararts on Facebook, IG and Twitter! You can also email me at

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