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This week we met with Kerry Lawrence, Vancouver based wedding + portrait photographer, Brand Manager at Dex Clothing and mother of two. We’re obsessed with her mission to capture natural light + natural moments and support local Vancouver businesses.

What Advice Can You Give Our Mommy Readers?

If you hug your child, tell them you love them every day, and put down your phone. Todays parent thinks we think we need to provide the moon and the stars to our children (myself included)… but they just need our LOVE and attention. Capture the heck out of your day (have you seen my stories??) but no need to post it right away…. capture and enjoy the whole moment, and post it later. So little about Instagram is instant these days!! 

What Would You Do With My Child on a Rainy Day?

Load up in muddy buddies and head into the woods!! If we are staying indoors, we love using Kiwi Crates, or building puzzles. 

How Would You Handle a Temper Tantrum in a Store?

Get down on their level, ask them to tell me what’s wrong using calm words. A new trick a good friend just told me about, is to enclose an imaginary birthday cake in your hands, open them up and ask the kids to blow out the candles. It’s been incredibly successful! 

What’s on Your Playlist?

Currently loving The Black Pumas, Shakey Graves, and guilty pleasure is Dua Lipa!

Who’s the mom that you admire most?

I have to pick one?? Michelle Bishop, owner of @ellesclosetboutique. She has two beautiful girls, and has started some what of a Canadian anomaly of an insanely successful Canadian retail boutique. I’ve worked with her since the beginning and am so proud of her accomplishments and I hope her girls realize one day what it means to be both a great mom and a great business women. 

How do I measure my success as a parent?

Oh gosh, it’s a constant battle of success and failure. And being ok with both!! I think as long as my kid is smiling and goes to bed happy after a fun day… I’ve done my job 🙂 

What’s your favourite part of being a mom?

Watching the WONDER in their eyes, especially if it’s from something very small that we worked on together.