Daniela is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is an Energy Healer, Wellbeing Coach, Entrepreneur, Co-author (Pursuit 365 Amazon Top Seller), Worldwide Competitive Ballroom & Latin Champion, Black Belt in Kickboxing Martial Arts, and a blessed mom and wife to a beautiful family.

“Enjoy your kids as much as possible as they grow so quickly”

What’s your morning routine look like?

Meditation, Gratitude list, hot water and lemon, vitamins, energy protection exercise, work out, work, grounding.

Go-to weekend activity for spring?

Spending quality time with my family, Gardening, walking the dogs, spending time in nature, and just having fun and enjoying the NOW fully.

#1 Time saving tip for the busy mama:

Make self-care a priority! When we practice daily self-love, we become better moms, better wives, better friends, better bosses, better human beings.

Finish this sentence: The funniest thing I ever did as a mom was…

Since Spanish is my first language, I often say many words that are sort of “funny because I can’t pronounce them properly or they make no sense in english” ahahaha… LOL…like every Friday we watch Magnet PI TV series as a family, and I just called it’ “Magnet Magnet” with a Spanish accent or another one really funny was once my hubby and our daughter Kiana were both sort arguing a point against my point and I said to them; “Can you guys stop comploting”, which of course is not an English language word, but what I really meant to say was to stop pairing up against me, or something along those lines… hahaha….

What was the best advice on motherhood you ever received?

“Enjoy your kids as much as possible as they grow so quickly”. 100% true!

What is your favourite part about being a mom?

I got to “feel” what pure light and unconditional love is all about, as our magical children have taught me so much. They inspire me everyday and I love watching them grow into kind, loving, confident, unique human beings.

Is there a food that you think is really gross but you make your kids eat it because it’s good for them?

Not really LOL, I teach them that food is their own medicine. Healthy food can be delicious! Even if some of the green vegetables I cook everyday are not necessarily their favourite, they know it is important to eat at least few bites to keep their immune system strong and healthy and that’s my priority as a mom to raise them healthy and happy. I guess a good example for this can be that Kiana is low in iron, and she has to take it even it tastes so gross. Sometimes we just have to tough it up, so we can give our bodies what they are missing and that way we can feel at our optimal.

Connect with Daniela Fisher:

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Website: www.naturallygiven.com