Autumn has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She taught in the classroom and as an online teacher. She has been certified to teach in California, Colorado, Arizona, and Georgia.

However, one of Autumn’s greatest joys (and challenges) is being a mom! After her first son was born, she wanted to be involved in helping him learn and grow, so she began to develop color lessons to help engage his developing mind. Autumn also wanted to help other moms dealing with hectic schedules and continuous time restraints. As a result, these activities evolved into her first book, Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning Colors. She has continued to create books for preschoolers, which include:

Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning ABC’s

The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide

The Ultimate Kindergarten Prep Guide

Learning Numbers Workbook

Learning ABC’s Workbook: Print and Precursive

Learning Preschool Math Workbook

Learning Kindergarten Math Workbook

Learning 1st Grade Math Workbook

Motherhood has many joys and challenges, and sometimes that can lead to feeling burned out. So to combat that feeling, Autumn began to practice gratitude through journaling. She found this beneficial to her relationship with her husband and children—she was happier, more patient, less stressed, calmer, and more optimistic. Autumn created The Full Life Gratitude Journal for Moms so other moms could have a full life that is more grateful, mindful, and joyful.

Autumn has a passion for helping moms be able to educate their children in a fun, low-prep way that she shares on

What are some of your favourite family summer activities that our readers can do at home for little to no cost?

1. Our favorite thing to do as a family during the summer is to make a “Summer Bucket List” of things we want to make sure we do before summer ends. This can be things like: visiting a new park, having a water balloon fight, eating dessert before dinner one night, visiting grandparents, going on a hike, reading 10 new books, etc. Write everyone’s ideas down on paper and cross them off as you complete them.

2. We also enjoy any activities involving water. We make sensory bins with water beads, toy car washing stations, trace chalk outlines in the driveway with water and paintbrushes, or even have water relay races.

3. It’s always fun to plant a “garden” during the summer and learn about the parts of a plant and how plants grow. Let each child pick a seed packet, pot, and soil. Then allow them to plant their seeds and be responsible for watering and taking care of the seeds.

How did you decide to start “Best Mom Ideas”?

I began this blog in 2016 to help share some tips and tricks with fellow moms that I have learned on my fun and messy motherhood journey.

I call this blog Best Mom Ideas not because I have the best ideas, but because I want to empower moms (dads, guardians, and grandparents) with ideas to enrich their lives and the lives of their children! My goal is to share my triumphs (and tragedies) when it comes to raising and teaching my children, to tell you what works for me (and what doesn’t), and share a few laughs along the way. Above all, I want to create a space where moms (and dads and grandparents) can feel understood and never judged.

We LOVE your “Ultimate Preschool Activity Guide”! Tell us a little about how you decided to write this book and why?

I have another book called, “The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide.” It is full of themed activities I did with my children during their toddler years. I wrote this book to share with other moms. So many moms that have “The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide” asked me to write a sequel to that book, so I decided to share the activities my children and I have done together throughout their preschool years. We have continued learning new and exciting things such as construction, around the world, spy training, gardening, friendship, and butterflies (just to name a few) that are included in “The Ultimate Preschool Activity Guide.” There are over 200 fun, hands-on, educational, and best of all, low-prep activities in “The Ultimate Preschool Activity Guide” that I know your preschooler (and you) will enjoy!

How do you balance entrepreneurship and motherhood?

It’s definitely not easy to balance entrepreneurship and motherhood. There are days when the mom-guilt creeps in because I feel like I have been working too much and not spending enough time with my children; or when my children really need me to sit down and read them a few books, but I have a deadline to meet. Having a strong support system in place (my hubby) has made this journey a little easier though. I’m really grateful that he supports what I do!

I’ve found it is helpful to have a routine or schedule in place–and stick to it. It helps me and it helps my children know what to expect for the day. Having that set schedule really helps me balance my time between my family and work. And it helps me to be fully focused on my family during family time or focused on work during work time.

Is there anything else that you are working on right now that our readers can get excited for?

I am working on something else right now! I’m actually finishing up an activity book for 1 and 2 year olds. This activity book will have a lot of sensory play activities that help young toddlers discover the world through their senses. I’m hoping to release it by the end of summer, so be on the lookout!

Do you have anything else that you would like to share with our community?
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