Angelie is a TV Host, Journalist and Montessori certified Educator. She writes a lifestyle blog called The Lifestyle File where she covers quick and easy recipes, family travel and Montessori mom hacks. Angelie is married to her childhood sweetheart and together they have a 2.5 year old daughter.

What made you decide to become a Montessori certified educator? Can you tell us a little about the Montessori system and why you would recommend it for other moms out there?

I became a Montessori Educator because I was very interested in both child psychology and teaching. Montessori looked at education in a wholistic way and the philosophy accounted for the child’s emotional, physical and mental needs as well teaching them how to care for the environment and have respect for others. I found it to be an education system that goes beyond the academics, focusing on depth of character and I fell in love with the philosophy.

What are some of your favourite family summer activities that our readers can do at home for little to no cost?

Some of our favourite summer activities are going on nature walks, making wild flower bouquets and arrangements, gardening and growing vegetables, drawing with sidewalk chalk and water play.

What are some Montessori activities that our readers can do at home with their children?

Anything you can do to bring your child into what’s going on around the home is Montessori: cleaning, cooking, taking care of plants, all these activities don’t seem like much but to a child they teach valuable life skills, a sense of self-confidence and a feeling of self-efficacy.

Try a spooning activity by giving your child two bowls and a small spoon. Place some dried beans or rice in the bowl on the left and guide your child to use the spoon to transfer it over to the other bowl. This activity teaches patience, precision and helps your child develop fine motor skills.

Is there anything that you are working on right now that our readers can get excited for?

I recently launched a new Instagram account called @alittlemontessorilife where I share more about Montessori philosophy and attainable ways that you can apply the method at home with your kids.

What are some challenges you face navigating motherhood? Do you have any advice to other moms experiencing similar things?

Some challenges I face in motherhood are finding time for myself and staying on top of the household chores. I’ve come to realize that the dishes will always be in the sink but my child will never be this little again. I take my self-care time in the mornings before my daughter wakes up and that helps me start the day feeling grounded and with a full cup.

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