This week’s mama is Amber Spence; a Women in Business and hustling entrepreneur. Her knowledge and determination in creative strategy and visual design turns information into action which lead to her success as a social media marketing and brand expert with experience managing multi level teams and projects in magazines, fashion , health and wellness . She continues to grow her business and is always looking for new opportunities to challenge herself further. 

Her home life is anything but ordinary, aside from her entrepreneurship she is a full time mama to her Daughter Nixon, age 6, and her partner Lee is a director in film. “Creative work for our family is never a 9-5, and things become crazy at times … most of the time,  but having the understanding and flexibility of our  “normal” life is important to how we function as a family and is part of our lifestyle. Our daughter Nixon has picked up our passions and her curiosity for creativity and dedication to her own interests (at just 6!) makes us feel lucky that our professional lives can have a positive effect both outside and inside our home. This lifestyle may not work for others or look normal or perfect at times but we make it all work for her and for us” 

Did you imagine that you’d be a mom at the age that you became a mom?

No, I defiantly did not. Tbh I didn’t think I would be a mom. I had my daughter at 29 and to some that is still a little late and to some it was a little early. It was perfect for me, when the universe puts things in place there is a reason for it. 

Describe your child in a single sentence?

This is a hard one , probably for any mom, but here it goes.  A wild one, with the most infectious personality. Always creating, captivating and enjoying her own imaginative adventure. 

How have you changed as a person since becoming a mom?

I had no idea what being a mom would be like but it saved me in so many ways and made me become a better person.I have purpose, I have unconditional love, I have patients (ok, maybe not 100% of the time… haha) and , I have challenges that force me to be better each time. 

What has been the hardest thing about being a mom?

Remembering that all stories are different and creating my own story is what is important. 

What advice can you give our mama readers?

I have a “spirited” child so I thought this would help any mama feeling a little crazy at times.  Our “spirited” children can be exhausting. They can be trying. They can be challenging. But they also have a love and passion unlike any other. “Spirited” children are gifts who often grow up to be amazing adults. So, to all you parents out there with bruises from the battlefield: you are not alone! Your child is not broken. You are not a bad parent. You’ve just been given a challenge. And if you, and our child, raise to that challenge, you’ll all be rewarded.