Do we even need to say it out loud? Toddlers and preschoolers can be really picky when it comes to food! We’ve heard that there are kids who will eat anything but we rarely meet them. So what do you do when your kiddo refuses to eat anything remotely green? Or when a two-year-old goes on a six-week binge of eating nothing but cottage cheese and crackers? (True story!) We’ve been there – well, we still are – and wanted to share some our most effective tips with you. These might work, or not, or work on some days… but they’re all worth a try:

  1. Make the set-up interesting. Do you always serve your kids on the same plates? How about switching it up? One of our tried, tested and trues faves is the ezpz Silicone Happy Mat. Made out of machine washable silicon, these seriously happy mats stick to the table with suction, making it impossible for temperamental kids to fling their food onto the floor (and our kids have given this functionality a very thorough test)! They’re fun to eat from, and easy to clean – stacking easily in the dishwasher and your cupboard and they come in fun, kid-friendly colours. They’re also great for taking to restaurants, cafes and on road trips.
  2. Make the food interesting. Cut veggies into fun shapes (go for flowers and stars if you have time, or triangles and diamonds if you’re more in a hurry), and use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches. Offer easy-to-hold finger foods, especially for the younger ones. Smoothies offer a fun, drinkable option and it’s easy to load them with healthy stuff.
  3. Get the kids involved. Get them to help with cooking and preparation, and they’re more likely to taste some of the foods they helped make. Even a two-year-old can help – think rinsing and shredding lettuce, stirring muffin batter (although you might want to add some extra flour because some of it may take flight), or pouring ingredients into bowls.

You’ll find lots more ideas and some recipes on our Pinterest board. And the most important thing is not turning the dinner table into a battleground (easier said than done we know) and enjoying your mealtimes together.

Now if we could only get our little one sit still through the whole meal even once…

ezpz Silicone Happy Mat:

Yo mamas and papas, want more tips for healthy family meals?

By: Elina Singh 

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