Halloween is less than a week away and time is running out to pull together a killer costume. No need to fret, we’ve got you covered with a whole bunch of easy DIY Halloween costumes. Most of these require no sewing skills and only a few, easy to find supplies. Once you have the costumes ready, head over to our Halloween HQ for all your trick-or-treating, pumpkin hunting, and ghoulish partying needs. We have over 150 spooky events and activities in Metro Vancouver for you and your family to enjoy!

diy halloween costumes
images credit: The Girls with Glasses

Tinkerbell & Peter Pan
This pair of costumes is simple to pull together, and best of all, there is no need to whip out a sewing machine. Dress your little ones as Neverland’s mighty duo, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Check out The Girls With Glasses other no-sew Halloween tutorials for lots of other great costume ideas. (via The Girls with Glasses)

diy halloween costumes
image credit: CBC

Daniel Tiger
It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood to go as everybody’s favourite tiger. Daniel Tiger is beloved by kids and parents, and your little one will have fun going as their favourite cartoon character this Halloween. (via CBC)

diy halloween costumes

Super Simple Last Minute Costumes
Be a slumber party guest, pretend you are a ball of static cling, show off your smarty pants or go as a group of dominos. These super simple last minute Halloween costumes all use things you have laying around the house, so you can whip them up faster than you can say “trick-or-treat”! (via yoyomama)

diy halloween costumes
image credit: Martha Stewart

Umbrella Bat Costume
Use up a broken umbrella by putting it to use in an awesome bat costume for your kid. That’s what we call a win-win. (via Martha Stewart)

diy halloween costume
image credit: Oh Happy Day

Snail Costume
Your nature-loving kiddo will get a kick out of this silly costume. The shell is constructed with kraft paper, which you’ll find it readily available at any office supply store. (via Oh Happy Day)

halloween costume diy
image from Pinterest

Creative Cardboard Costumes
All you need is a box and your imagination and you’ll have an awesome costume in no time. From a PB & J sandwich to a funky robot, there’s a cardboard costume for every kid. This tutorial will give you 5 great costume ideas all using a simple cardboard box and a bit of paint. (via yoyomama)

diy halloween costume
image credit: Studio DIY

This tasty treat of a costume is constructed using a blow up inner tube and (of all things) colourful hair rollers. Take a trip to the dollar store for the supplies. (via Studio DIY)

diy halloween costume
image credit: e How

Wind-Up Doll
This costume is so simple — simply add a giant key to the back of any outfit and you’ve got a cute wind-up doll on your hands. (via e How)

diy halloween costumes

image credit: Parenting.com

Raining Cats and Dogs
This fun costume has the added bonus of using an umbrella, which means if it is actually raining cats and dogs on Halloween night, your little one will stay nice and dry. (via Parenting.com)

diy halloween costumes
image credit: Alpha Mom

Dressing up like an owl is a sure-fire way to make Halloween a hoot. You can use a sewing machine or fabric glue to attach the feathers. It’s a great way to use up old t-shirts and fabric scraps. (via Alpha Mom)

diy halloween costumes

Sparkle Ballerina Superhero
If you’ve got a kiddo that likes to combine costumes or throw everything in their dress up box on at once, this is the costume for them. Take some DIY sparkly shoes, pair them with a super simple tutu and a fun cape and your sparkle ballerina super hero is ready to save the day! (via yoyomama)

diy halloween costumes
image credit: Country Living

Lego Block
This LEGO block costume would look great as a group costume. Make several colours of blocks and pair them with matching sweat pants and sweatshirts for a warm and fun costume. (via Country Living)

Sure Halloween may be less than a week away, but that’s plenty of time to pull together an awesome costume or two. Don’t forget to visit Halloween HQ for a giant list of fun and family-friendly Halloween events & activities in Metro Vancouver. And take a peek at our list of Halloween safety tips too. Happy Halloween!

By: Michelle Hughes

Featured image photo by Studio DIY / composite by yoyomama

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