Happy new moon in Cancer!

On July 9th at 6:16pm PST there’s a new moon at 18° of Cancer.

What is a new moon:

With any new moon, the sun and moon are conjunct (astrological term for being together in the sky), causing the moon to be unseen by the naked eye. Although the night sky might appear dark, there are endless possibilities for a bright future at the time of a new moon.

During the new moon phase, we are intuitively guided to start something new. Whether it’s a new project or relationship, La Luna guides our emotions toward the next phase in our lives. 

What to expect from this new moon:

This new moon is in the intuitive sign of Cancer. Did you know that the moon is ruled by Cancer? In other words, it loves being there and feels ‘at home’ during this astrological transit. 

There’s no place like home! This new moon is stirring up the need for emotional security and self-nurturing. Let’s embrace these comfy vibes, tap into our intuition and listen to our inner guidance system in order to create a new level of emotional freedom.

Pro tip for mamas:

Is everyone feeling all the feels lately, mama? Expect your family members to feel a little more emotional than usual during this new moon in Cancer. Being overly sensitive might be a common theme during this lunation phase, so try to let it slide when the kids (and the big kids including mom and dad) seemingly overreact.  

An astrological forecast of this new moon:

The moon rules our intuition, feelings and emotions. The more we embrace our feelings, the more we tap into the energies of the moon. 

This new moon is in the highly empathetic sign of Cancer, making a trine to Neptune in Pisces. With all of these astrological energies combined, now is an ideal time to embrace our imagination and visualize our dreams and future plans. 

Pro tip for mamas:

Dust off the craft supplies and let the kids channel some art therapy during the time of this new moon. Whether it’s a masterpiece on canvas, or a colouring page for the fridge, encourage the kids to let their imaginations soar while embracing this highly intuitive energy.

And for the teens in the household, this new moon offers cosmic inspiration for creating vision boards. Get your teen to visually represent their dreams on a poster board, complete with their future plans and dream life. Moon manifesting at its finest!

Main takeaways of this new moon:

Spoiler alert: Every member of the family will be feeling all the feels during this new moon. The astrological symbol of Cancer is the crab, so now is the perfect time to break out of your shell and open up about any feelings you’ve been repressing. 

Along those lines, expect any of your normally-emotionally-closed family members to be extra sensitive at the time of this new moon. Encourage an open dialogue when it comes to expressing feelings and embracing any emotions that might arise during this lunation phase.

Pro tips for this new moon:

During the new moon phase, a new lunar cycle begins. New moons are a powerful time to set intentions, start fresh and begin a new cycle. This is also an important time to reflect on past lessons in order to set new goals for the future.

With the new moon being in Cancer, now is the perfect time to set intentions for a new emotional cycle. Perhaps you need to start focusing on the positives with your teen? Maybe it’s time to bring sexy back with your hubby? Have you returned mom’s call and addressed how she made you feel?

Whatever comes up for you on an emotional level, it’s important to feel your feelings and embrace a new cycle. 

This lunation is introducing a compassionate and intuitive energy that has the power to begin a new emotional cycle in our lives. It’s a great time to turn inward for some self-care, and begin a new emotional cycle that will bring in a more harmonious and peaceful future for every member of the family. 

Jenny Schafer is a social worker, counsellor, hypnotherapist, astrologer, holistic coach and proud mother-of-three. As the former senior editor of a popular blog, Jenny is a writer at heart and passionate about the power of words.