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Free for Teachers & Educators

As teachers, educators and parents gear up for back-to-school season, the calmversation™ learning foundation has developed a “FREE” 12-week social emotional and learning program to support educators in easing students’ transition back to the COVID era classroom. This much-needed Back-to-School Care Kit offers educators and homeschoolers a step-by-step program to support students navigate the return to the classroom, whether that be in-person or virtually, through resources, tools, and educational support. The program consist of 40 lesson plans that will be released weekly over a 12-week period, beginning on August 24th.

calmversationTM’s Back-to-School Care Kit will include activities, discussion prompts, videos, visual assets, and guidelines on:

  • The New Normal – Creating new classroom norms and establishing a safe, respectful, and compassionate social distancing environment
  • Creating a Calming Classroom Space – How to create a calming and safe physical space for students, either in-class or at home
  • Creating a Safe and Inclusive Learning Environment – Bringing calm to the lesson plan, performing emotional check-ins with students, and setting the tone for a safe space where students feel heard and are comfortable to share concerns and experiences
  • Social Justice – Communication tools for covering topics relating to race, privilege, and prejudice
  • Self-care and Support for Educators
Through the generous financial support of the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund led by Employment and Social Development Canada, the program will be available to educators for free until November 30th.
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