Birthday Party Favours for Under $5


Happy birthday to your kiddo! You’ve got the party booked, decorations sorted, invitations sent out, but wait – what about the goody bag? We always strive for two things with our loot bags – don’t break the bank and make it something they will love, not just junk toys that will break in a day. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of awesome ideas for birthday party favours, all for $5 or less per kid.

  • Deck of cards, set of dice, and printed instructions to a few of your favourite games. You could include instructions for Garbage, Farkle, Yahtzee, Go Fish, War, Solitaire, or whatever you want! Great ideas here. Find inexpensive sets of cards and dice on Amazon.
  • Books. We like to grab a set or two from the Scholastic order at school, where you can get several books for less than $5 apiece, but if that’s not an option for you, Indigo, HomeSense and Winners are all good places to check for book sales.
  • Mini LEGO Set. Gifting a whole set of LEGO per kid would certainly break the bank. So, instead, buy a mixed box of classic LEGO and split it up in plastic cellophane bags. Close the top by folding a piece of cardstock in half and stapling.
  • Crafts. Dollar stores have all sorts of wooden paintable crafts, like jewellery boxes and birdhouses. Grab one per kid; pick up a couple of colours of inexpensive paint and some paintbrushes. Let the kids paint during the party for a bonus activity that doubles as a take-home favour.
  • DIY Playdough. We LOVE this recipe from Mama Papa Bubba. Make a few different colours and pop them in plastic bags, or inexpensive reusable containers.
  • Cookies. Reach out to your local bakery, or that extra talented baker friend of yours and see if they can whip up a batch of themed cookies for kids to take home. Yum!
  • Candy Bar. Let kids build their own loot bag! Head to the bulk section of your grocery store and get a bunch of different types of candies, put them out in nice looking bowls with spoons and let kids fill their own bags with their favourite candy.
  • Snowman Marshmallow Kit. For Frozen-themed parties, or maybe just a winter birthday, send kids home with an adorable snowman building kit. The kits consist of a few jumbo marshmallows, pretzels for arms, candy corn for a nose and mini chocolate chips for eyes and buttons, plus a few toothpicks to hold the whole thing together. Get instructions (and an amazing Frozen printable) from
  • Reusable Snack Bags. You can find inexpensive reusable snack bags on Amazon (these gamer ones would be a big hit with our kids and their friends). Throw in a few candies, or pair this goody bag with the candy bar idea above.
  • Hot Chocolate Kit. Inexpensive mugs + hot chocolate mix + marshmallows = an awesome cold-weather friendly party favour! Pop some marshmallows in a small baggie, and place everything inside of the mug, wrap it up with cellophane.
  • Mug Cake Kit. Yes, we love interactive goodies! This is slightly more involved than the hot chocolate kit, but it might be even more fun! Grab some inexpensive, microwave safe mugs (The dollar store, Ikea, and Walmart are great places to find them), and mix up some batches of mug cake mix. Print out a tag with instructions, fill a small bag with the cake mid and place it in the bag. Check out these instructions and free printables from Instructables.
  • Friendship Bracelets. This is a great favour if you’ve got an older kid that can help make bracelets for their friends. All you need is some embroidery thread and some time. Check out this YouTube video for instructions on five different styles of bracelets. If your kid is too young to make a bracelet with knots, grab some letter beads from the craft store and thread them onto string for a personalized favour.
  • DIY Slime Kit. Are your kids and their friends slime-obsessed? They will love taking home this DIY Slime Kit! With just a few ingredients, they’ll have their own squishy, stretchy slime! Visit Mom Endeavors for full instructions and free printables.
  • Gift Certificate. For a really easy favour, get a $5 gift certificate for each kid from your favourite ice cream shop or candy store.
  • Watch for End of Season Sales. This idea takes a bit of forethought – keep an eye out for deals on items like beach towels, pool noodles, sand pails, mittens, toques, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, kites, and other seasonal items. They often go on sale at the end of the summer or winter and can be picked up for a couple dollars each.

What do you send as party favours? Let us know in the comments below!

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