Whether or not you want to believe it, the start of school is right around the corner. While we aren’t happy about summer ending, a return to regular schedules and routines will be very much welcomed. One of our favourite things about back to school is refreshing our kiddos gear. We love to look at September and a new school year as a fresh start, so we’ve gathered our favourite backpacks, lunch kits, food containers, labels, water bottles and snack bags. These fabulous kid and parent-approved products will help get you and your kiddos excited for the school days ahead.

back to school backpacks


Durable, comfortable, and stylish, these backpacks have fun prints and lots of room for everything your kiddo needs to haul to and from school.

back to school gear lunch kits

lunch kits

One of the best parts of the school day is lunchtime. These lunch kits have style and function with space for ice packs and food containers.

back to school gear food containers

food containers

With bento boxes, sandwich containers, and hot food containers, we’ve got you covered for whatever your little wants to lug for lunch. We’re all about making green choices, and these food containers will make sure there is nary a plastic bag in site.

back to school gear accessories

labels, water bottles & snack bags

Make sure everything you send to school comes back home with fun labels for your kiddo’s gear. Keep hydrated with insulated and reusable water bottles, plus we’ve got fun reusable snack bags so even recess can be green.

We’ve covered a lot of back to school related topics over the years. Here are a few you may find helpful to make this school year the best one yet!

Back to school tips:

Back to school recipes:

By: Michelle Hughes

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