Astrology is growing in popularity among teens… and mamas too!  As it turns out, looking at cosmic energies for self-awareness and personal development is more than just a trend.

In fact, embracing the energies of the planets is a thing. So, we’re illuminating the path of self-actualization using the power of astrology.

In this special series of articles, we’re encouraging teens to step into their power and embody their self-esteem by learning about their Sun signs. First up, the Aries teen.

What is a Sun sign:

The Sun sign considers the position of the Sun at birth, which is placed within one of the twelve zodiac signs. 

in astrology the sun represents your shine, passion, and your core energy. Many astrologers agree that the Sun sign indicates the soul’s expression in this lifetime. It’s that ‘taaaa-daaaa’ energy, and those ‘here I am’ vibes.

In addition to considering Sun signs, if you have a prominent placement in this sign (for example: Moon sign, stellium of planets, rising sign), this information can be applied as well.

If you’re unaware of how to read an astrology birth chart and would like further guidance, please reach out or leave questions in the comments section.

Aries energy:

Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, is ruled by the planet Mars. Aries is a fire sign that occupies the first house in astrology. Aries energy can be intense, direct, active, courageous, competitive, aggressive, passionate, immature, naïve, impulsive and extremely energetic. 

Represented by the ram, Aries symbolizes abundance and approaching life ‘head on’ and straightforward with courage.  

The highest expression of an Aries teen: 

As an Aries teen, you carry a warrior spirit. Representing the first sign of the zodiac, you are a natural leader. 

Aries teens have a pioneering signature with a deep sense of courage. There’s no room for an overthinking monkey-mind when you are in alignment and connected with your purpose. At your best, you make clear decisions and you do everything with courage and confidence.

Being ruled by Mars, you have a competitive spirit and you intuitively make decisions without worrying or overthinking. As an Aries teen, you just go for it! You get on with things and you get things done. Regardless of gender, you boast divine masculine energy because of your courage, leadership and decision-making skills.

With Aries ruling the first house in astrology, you carry a strong sense of self-identity and leadership skills. The Aries teen knows what (s)he wants, makes clear decisions, and gets the job done. 

When you are in alignment, it’s hard to outshine your inspirational spirit. A true pioneer and leader, you have a strong sense of self and the courage to create a passion-filled life. 

The lowest expression of an Aries teen:

You’re not always at your best, regardless of your amazing Sun sign. And when an Aries teen is unsure of navigating all that fire and passion, anger and frustration can take over. 

Keep in mind, all Sun signs have a higher and lower expression. Heck, everyone has their bad days. And when an Aries teen isn’t embracing all that courage and passion, life can get a big confusing.

As an Aries teen disconnected to your power, you can be the hothead and the one who’s always crisis-creating. If not embracing your courage, you can go the opposite route and be a coward who picks fights and creates drama. 

You have a strong focus on self-identity since Aries rules the first house in astrology. But if you don’t feel self-confident, there can be a deep sense of frustration which is expressed outwardly as anger and impatience. 

Aries teens are ruled by Mars, the hot planet. This cardinal and masculine energy is expressed as aggressive, immature and naïve if you don’t learn how to be assertive and courageous. 

Embracing your Aries energy:

If you want to step into your power as an Aries, it’s important to be spontaneous. If your parents are micro-managing your every move, this could be extremely detrimental to your sense of self. If this is the case, speak up and express your needs of independence.

If your parents ever called you ‘wild’ in the past, they might not be allowing you to release your energy. If you’ve been taught to hold in your fiery energy, those flames will eventually spread and become a hot mess. 

As an Aries teen, learning how to navigate healthy competition is a must. You are a natural athlete and you’ll shine during competitions if given the opportunity. 

You carry strong instinctual and primal energy. It’s advised to practice going first, speaking up, and developing your leadership skills. Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, you are a natural leader and have a pioneering spirit. At your core, you’re a courageous warrior, but if this energy is not encouraged by your parents/ guardians, you might go the opposite route and be cowardly in your everyday life. 

All Aries teens need to create the space for anger. It’s key for you to feel your feelings and channel your anger. Learn to scream, kick, punch and release your anger in an appropriate manner. For instance, you can get out in nature to throw rocks in the lake and kick trees, or go into your bedroom and punch pillows.  

Aries boasts divine masculine energy, so if you identify as female it’s important to be aware of any gender biases. It can be socially unacceptable for girls to be assertive, and often, Aries girls are wrongly labeled ‘bossy’ when stepping into their courageous and pioneering leadership abilities. But an Aries girl is not meant to stay small, so be sure to embrace your courageous spirit. 

Ruling the first house, Aries boasts that “I am” energy. You have the ability to have a strong sense of self (or lack thereof). It’s important to stay self-aware and regularly check in with your self-esteem and level of independence. Knowing that leadership and courage is a strong signature of Aries, it’s advised to be aware of where you fall on this spectrum. Are you typically courageous or cowardly? Are you passionately self-aware or indecisive?

Not to mention, Mars is the ruler of sex, so you can expect to carry strong sexual energy. Stay educated and open minded about masturbation, sex, birth control and everything in between because you are born with a strong sex drive. 

Bottom line being an Aries teen:

As an Aries, you carry fire, passion and courage within your core. It’s important to have the space and support to explore and express your active and fiery energy.

You will get easily frustrated and will be quick to fight if you don’t learn how to channel your anger and passion. But if you’re encouraged to embody your inner warrior, you have the potential to be one of the most passionate leaders and courageous people on the planet.

Aries transits to watch for:

Chiron has been moving through Aries since 2019 and will finish its transit in 2027. Known as the ‘wounded healer,’ Chiron has been encouraging all of us to embrace the courage from Aries and step into leadership roles.

Aries teens will feel this energy on a deeper level than others. You might be extra sensitive during this 8-year transit. During this timeframe, you might be working through issues around personal identity and self-confidence. 

With a full Moon in Aries on October 20th, you will feel this energy on an internal level. This lunar event might cause you to have an extra dose of energy and courage, inspiring you to step into your leadership abilities.

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Jenny Schafer is a social worker, counsellor, hypnotherapist, astrologer, holistic coach and proud mother-of-three. As the former senior editor of a popular blog, Jenny is a writer at heart and passionate about the power of words.