Ways to Connect as a Family During the Holidays

connect as a family

One thing we always strive for, especially this time of year, is family connection. With extracurricular activities, work commitments, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, sometimes we can forget the most important thing: family. Finding ways to connect and bond as a family is so important, but it’s not always easy. With […]

More Joy and Less Stress this Holiday Season

holiday stress

This article comes from guest writer, Alyson Jones, Clinical Director at Alyson Jones & Associates where she leads a team of therapists that specialize in separation and divorce issues. She’s sharing some brilliant suggestions on how to mitigate holiday stress and navigate social situations while having a holly jolly time. Well, it is that time […]

What It’s Really Like to Quit Drinking

kristyl clark valley mom

This article comes from guest writer, Kristyl Clark, better known as Valley Mom. She’s sharing her journey to sobriety and answering the question, what is it really like to quit drinking. It was during a recent coffee date with an old friend that the familiar question came up.   “So Kristyl, you’re really still not […]

The Beauty of the Bond: A Love Letter for Mothers and Daughters

mothers and daughters

This article comes from guest writer, Carmen. Through her company Wildflower, she offers connection experiences for mothers and daughters designed to explore the beauty of the bond between them. She’s here with a reminder of this amazing bond and that you are exactly the mother that your daughter needs. Although incredibly rewarding, the relationship between […]

Art Therapy for Kids with Anxiety

art therapy

Guest writer, Laura Terlizzi, an award-winning therapeutic counselor, discusses the growing epidemic of anxiety in kids and walks through a few treatment modalities including art therapy. It seems that almost every time I meet a parent of a young child or adolescent, within a few minutes of our conversation, I hear these words; “My son/daughter […]

21 Kitchen & Food Hacks

kitchen and food hacks

After a long day at work or chasing the kids around, it’s not always easy to find the time or motivation to make a hearty meal and keep the kitchen in tip-top shape. Sometimes, you just want to pick up the phone and order take-out, which isn’t always the most budget-conscious or healthiest option for […]

3 Reasons Why Motherhood Awakens the Dreamer Within


Our guest is Genicca Whitney, a mom to 3 girls and a soul-shaker + spiritual biz bestie. She’s all about empowering women and helping them manifest their wildest dreams. Today she tackles how embracing motherhood can lead to creating a passionately joyous life with our children as our centre-focus, all without losing a sense of […]