Happy full moon in Aquarius!

On July 23rd at 7:36pm PST there’s a full moon at 1° of Aquarius.

What is a full moon:

With any full moon the sun and moon are opposite in the skies, causing the moon to appear fully illuminated. As a result, we can feel the illuminating effects of the moon on an internal level.

During the full moon phase, we are intuitively guided to end a cycle. Whether it’s a relationship or circumstance, La Luna guides our emotions toward a closure in order to create space for a new chapter in life. 

What to expect from this full moon:

This full moon is in the future-thinking, brilliant and social air sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which carries a very unique signature. Both Aquarius and Uranus rule electricity, technology, the internet and all-things brilliantly genius. 

Aquarius energy is eccentric, trendy, fast and futuristic. As well, Aquarius rules over friendships, groups and humanitarian efforts. Aquarius is all about the future, so freedom and liberation is the name of the game — even if it’s shocking and upsetting to others. 

This full moon is illuminating these brilliant, group-oriented, freedom-seeking and forward-thinking vibes. Although this energy can be shocking and upsetting, Aquarius energies seek to set us free. Even if it’s scary, it’s time to embrace the next level by channeling the intuitive guidance of this full moon in Aquarius.

Pro tip for mamas:

Are the kids feeling these full moon vibes and being super independent, mama? Expect your children (and the big kids including mom and dad) to be a bit more rebellious than usual during the full moon in Aquarius. Being a bit eccentric and somewhat shocking is par for the course during this lunar event, so try to let it slide when your family members go against the status quo.  

An astrological forecast of this full moon:

The moon rules our intuition, feelings and emotions. The more we tap into our feelings, the more we tap into the energies of the moon. 

This full moon is in the genius and eccentric sign of Aquarius, making conjunctions to Saturn and Pluto and trining the nodes. With all of these astrological energies combined, now is an ideal time to embrace freedom and liberation in order to reach the next level. 

Pro tip for mamas:

It’s time to get groovy, mama! This full moon in Aquarius is illuminating eccentric, trendy and against the norm vibes. 

Is it time to show the kids how cool mom truly is? Play that funky music and have some fun. While channeling your inner Aquarian, put on your alien costumes, show off your robot dance moves and enjoy the bonding well past bedtime. Perhaps rebellious and shocking, this behavior has the potential to liberate every member of your family.

And for the teens in the household, this full moon offers cosmic inspiration for visualizing a bright future. Get out your journal and write down your hopes and dreams. This forward-thinking full moon will help you gain brilliant clarity about how you can reach the next level in your life. Moon manifesting at its finest!

Main takeaways of this full moon:

Up-level with La Luna!

The next level of your life is being illuminated at the time of this full moon. The astrological sign of Aquarius is all about brilliance, rebellion, freedom, liberation, next level and friendships. This full moon might reveal some shocking truths, but it’s a good time to ‘go for it’ even if it upsets and shocks others. 

Along those lines, expect your family members to be a bit more rebellious and freedom-seeking than usual. Encourage an open dialogue when it comes to setting goals for a brighter future during this lunation phase.

Pro tips for this full moon:

During the full moon phase, a lunar cycle ends. Full moons are a powerful time to finish a cycle that is no longer serving you. This is also an important time to reflect on past lessons in order to make space in your life for new energies.

With the full moon being in Aquarius, now is the perfect time to liberate yourself and your family members. Perhaps your teens need more independence? Maybe it’s time to go against the norm within your friendship circle? Is it time to honour that brilliant idea that recently popped into your head?

Whatever comes up for you, it’s important to embrace the next level even if it is shocking and upsetting to others.

This lunar event is introducing a brilliant energy that has the power to set you free. It’s a great time to turn inward for some self-care, and begin a new cycle that will bring liberation and freedom for every member of the family. 

Jenny Schafer is a social worker, counsellor, hypnotherapist, astrologer, holistic coach and proud mother-of-three. As the former senior editor of a popular blog, Jenny is a writer at heart and passionate about the power of words.