About Us

Yoyomama, established in 2007, is a space for moms to shop, find advice, recipes and connect with like-minded women to make your daily routines just a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

Like how any good friendship starts, owners Donna and Shelly met at a wine group formed by preschool moms where their combined three children attended. It was friends at first sight for the two serial entrepreneurs, and they quickly became business partners and soul sisters.

Both are single moms who couldn’t be more different. Donna, a true Gemini, a dual citizen Ameri-Can, shares her love for cooking with her 16 year old son, who’s a competitive rugby player. They share their home with a Golden Retriever named Scooby and a fish named Shaggy. Shelly, an Aries, has two daughters, a home schooled 14 year old singer with life threatening food allergies and a 5 year old ballerina who is in Kindergarten, both who happen to have the same birthday! Shelly prefers food delivery to cooking, if she’s being honest, and is a health conscience foodie coming from the fitness and wellness industry. They have a cat named Cleopatra and a 5.5 lb. chihuahua, Amigo.

Donna and Shelly are the definition of opposites attract, yet this sets the foundation for bringing out their best selves in friendship and in business. Their journey through motherhood, entrepreneurship and the inspiring women they meet throughout, is shared here, on Yoyomama, your online mom’s group.