At Yoyomama, we know that for many families, including our own ‘lockdown’  and or restrictions on social activities and interactions on the pandemic poses a range of challenges particularly when it comes to keep our kids safe and healthy.

Here are ideas and resources to keep them busy, creative and having fun:

TIP #1: As we all know, children need structure and boundaries, this is especially true during challenging times like these. Make a schedule and keep a routine: plan a daily or weekly schedule together, or give them the chance to create one for themselves with time to learn, eat, rest, help with chores and play! Here are some ideas to help you.

TIP #2: Schooling can be either stopped or disrupted and this makes it more difficult for many children to keep up with their education. Whether online or home schooled, using fun and creative ways at home to learn alongside continued access to educational opportunities will support your children’s development – and of course follow guidance from your children’s school and their teachers. Here are additional resources to support your children’s learning.

TIP #3: Children need to use computers and technology for their education, entertainment and to stay connected with friends and families. During this time, they’ll be using technology more and will have to spend long hours on screen. Here are some tips and tools about online safety and online health to support you in keeping your children safe.

TIP #4: Physical activity is important for children’s health and well-being.There are many things you can do at home as a family to stay active and have fun, including keeping them active with chores and helping out in family activities such as cooking and cleaning. Here are links and ideas to keep them busy, keep them moving and burn off their energy.

TIP #5: Staying at home can quickly become boring and young brains need challenges and opportunities to grow. Keep children’s minds alert and interested by organizing time and activities to encourage their creativity. Here are ideas and resources to keep them busy, creative and having fun.

TIP #6: It is a worrying time for all and children particularly need help and reassurance in situations like these. You might be nervous, children are stressed, and living in close quarters is exhausting. Here are tools and resources to help explain the situation, keep them calm and reassured and to help you manage and cope.

TIP #7: Children need healthy eating to grow and develop. A healthy diet is more important than ever right now, as children need to maintain their immunity and keep a balance with limited physical exercise. Keep a check on comfort eating, especially sugars and processed foods. Here are ideas and tips for meals (also a great chance to get them involved and busy).