When the cold rainy days of fall hit, I’m often inclined to hide out indoors, under a blanket with a cup of coffee and a good book. My kids on the other hand? They get downright squirrelly when kept inside for too long. So for their sanity, and mine, we try to get outside, even on the rainiest and wettest of fall days. To help inspire you to get your gang outdoors too, here’s a list of five outdoor activities you can do with your kids no matter the weather.

1. Head Out on a Fall Scavenger Hunt

We’ve created a fun fall scavenger hunt printable (download yours here). Print it out and head out on a nature walk to see how many things you can find. Do you see leaves on the ground? What about leaves falling from trees? Find a bird, a spider, and a soccer ball. See who finds the most items, or play BINGO-style and see who can make a line of found items. Encourage your kids to create their own scavenger hunt list the next time you go out.

2. Go Puddle-Jumping

There’s nothing more fun than taking a flying leap into a puddle and splashing everywhere. We embrace this rite of passage for kids and still take part as adults. The key? Make sure you waterproof your kids as much as possible. Get boots, rain pants or full rain suits on and then go splashing. The longer you can keep them warm and somewhat dry the longer they will want to run and jump and play. Bring some toy boats to float in the puddles too.

3. Create Chalk Art Masterpieces

What’s more fun than drawing with chalk on the ground outside? Drawing on the ground when it’s wet! It makes the chalk colours super vibrant and you can blend colours together to make new ones. No need to worry about making a mess either, since the chalk will get washed away the next time it rains.

4. Visit a Playground – In the Rain

The only thing better than a slide is a water slide! Head to your favourite playground, either on a rainy day or just after it has rained and watch your kids delight in an extra slippery fast slide! Just dress them in waterproof rain pants and you won’t hear any complaints! We like to tote along a dark-coloured towel, just in case they have enough of wet slides and want it dried off. It also comes in handy for drying monkey bars and swing seats too!

5. Make a Rain Catcher

This is a super simple but fun project that will get your kids interested in the science of weather. Simply take some empty mason jars or plastic cups (clear works best) and place them outside in different locations. Put one in the middle of your backyard, place one under a tree, and one near your front door. Then, after a rainy day, collect the jars and use a ruler to measure how much rain was collected in each one. Which had the most? Which had the least? Why do you think that happened?

I hope this list of outdoor rainy day activities inspires you to get outside and have some fun this fall! What do your kids love doing outside this time of year? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Love your back to nature outdoor activities. Simple, FREE and anywhere! Many kids today are afraid to get wet and dirty. Its not only ok, it should be mandatory haha. I can remember my own delightful days when we jumped in puddles and played tag or soccer on a soaking muddy field. Coming home soaked thru and thru. Mom helping us peel off our clothes and jumping into a hot bath. There is a whole world out there to explore. Thank you for the reminder.

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