Our guest is Genicca Whitney, a mom to 3 girls and a soul-shaker + spiritual biz bestie. She’s all about empowering women and helping them manifest their wildest dreams. Today she tackles how embracing motherhood can lead to creating a passionately joyous life with our children as our centre-focus, all without losing a sense of self.

I have been so blessed to have met a handful of women who are passionate about motherhood but have not forgotten who they are as an individual, in the process. I admire these kinds of women.

These are the women who have not succumb to the status quo of having to choose between being either a mother OR a career woman, but have combined both endeavours and are blazing a path to shine their brilliance.

Admittedly, before becoming a mother, I was selfish. My needs came first and my world was small. At the time, I didn’t realize it, but I was playing small. I was comfortable. I was fearful. I was only affecting me – and I was okay with that.

Between you and me, my biggest fear before becoming a mother was losing my sense of self, my ambitions and my passion for dream building. I thought I had to surrender to being a “mother” whose dreams had to be put aside – but boy was I wrong.

And then I became a mother.

Looking back, I realize now more than ever how much I have evolved since welcoming MaKyla into this World.

I have awakened. And today, I am a Dreamer, with purpose.

Here’s what I believe to be the Top 3 Reasons Why Motherhood Awakens the Dreamer Within

(1) We aspire to be better people for our children.

If we are not practicing self-love and self-respect, if we do not quit the self-sabotage or negative self-talk, it is impossible to be loving to others, especially our children. Naturally, we start to imagine what it would be like to become the better version of ourselves – someone our children could be proud of.

We start to think, “Who do we want to become for those who think the world of us?”

This is where we start to explore the possibilities… 

(2) We make the decision to make it our mission to lead by example.

At some point or another, during those moments when we’re fixated on our baby and their every move, admiring them from afar, we start to think about the messages we want to instill in them.

“I want my little girl to grow up to believe that she can do and be whatever she wants to be… this is my wish for her.” 

A common wish that most mothers have for their children, right?

Then it occurs to us, do we believe in this for ourselves? Do we truly believe that we can be, do and have whatever it is that we want? How are we leading by example?

This is the moment where we redefine what it means to lead by example, and start to make the necessary changes. Our ideas begin to expand and our life plan takes on a new shape. Before we know it, we become leaders, taking control of our lives and designing a life that truly compliments our wishes for our children.

We start to believe in the possibilities…

(3) We take action and evolve because we are driven by purpose.

I don’t know about you, but just when I thought I had my “WHY” figured out, I became a mother and everything changed. Our children become the centre of our universe.

It’s amazing to witness so many women transform their lives for the better since having children.

As soon as I started to explore the possibilities of becoming my ideal self and when my reason to believe became amplified, I started moving passionately towards my dreams. I no longer wanted to play small and I decided that I no longer wanted to be selfish.

I started thinking…

What do I want to create? How will this impact my daughter? Is this something I can feel good about? Will I lead by example?

The more action I took towards my dreams, the more confident I became in achieving them.

This is where we start to live in a world of possibility…

I truly believe that we can only be the best mothers we can be if we are passionately pursuing our dreams. Ignoring our bliss and becoming complacent is a huge disservice to those who love us because, in the end, we cannot be the best version of ourselves if we are not living up to our potential. Motherhood is a sacred blessing if we allow the love for our children to empower us to DREAM BIG.

So, my question for you is, how has motherhood inspired you? What kind of dreams do you have that need awakening?  Who do you want to become for the little people you bring into this world? How are you leading by example?

More importantly, what if anything was possible?

We simply cannot play small. We must tap into the power that each of us has within and start living a life worth waking up to. Our children are counting on us to believe because their future lies in our ability to dream of a better world.

Genicca Whitney is a Soul-Shaker & Spiritual Biz Bestie. Mother to 3 girls and driven by impact to support women in realizing her soul’s power, Genicca Whitney brings a dynamic + expansive perspective on designing + leading your most freedom-fuelled life. Her story is sprinkled with pivotal moments of survival, sorrow, strength, and celebration. She also hosts the Genicca Whitney Radio Show where she shares her secrets to manifesting your wildest dreams. www.manifestlikeaboss.com

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